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In episode 5 of Black Mirror season 6, titled “Demon 79,” we are transported to 1979 in the north of England. The story follows Nida, a sales assistant, who becomes entangled in a dark pact with a demon.

Let’s explore the episode’s events in an easy-to-understand recap.

Black Mirror season 6, episode 5 recap – Nida’s struggles and unveiling a sinister secret

The episode begins with Nida, a sales assistant facing mistreatment from her colleague Vicky. She encounters Keith Holigan, a customer rumored to have killed his wife.

Nida also faces racism and alienation due to her Indian background. As tensions rise with protests against immigration and political unrest, Nida finds solace in the basement of her workplace, where she discovers a collection of old newspaper clippings.

Among them, she finds a strange stone with an engraving. That night, Nida is contacted by a demon named Gaap through the stone.

She learns that she is bound to the talisman and must carry out three human sacrifices to prevent the end of the world. Reluctantly, Nida agrees to Gaap’s demands, and the demon takes the form of a singer from the Boney M group to communicate with her.

Gaap explains they have until Mayday to complete the sacrifices.

Black Mirror season 6, episode 5 recap – Nida’s deadly assignments and growing suspicion

Nida embarks on her first assignment, killing a man who allegedly abused his daughter. Officer Suzie begins investigating the murder, bringing her closer to uncovering Nida’s involvement.

Gaap follows Nida to her workplace and urges her to find the next victim, but Nida resists. Gaap reveals escalating nuclear tensions, adding urgency to their mission.

Nida targets Keith Holigan, who is confirmed to have killed his wife. In a desperate act, Nida kills Keith and his brother to cover her tracks.

Gaap contacts his dimension and learns that killing murderers is forbidden in their ritual. Despite this, Nida sets her sights on her next potential victim, Michael Scott, a corrupt MP.

Black Mirror season 6, episode 5 recap: “Demon 79”
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Black Mirror season 6, episode 5 recap – Nida’s reckoning and final moments

At the department store, Michael Scott visits and praises Vicky, making her change her plan and target Michael instead. Gaap expresses concern about the consequences, but Nida remains determined.

She symbolically transforms by donning a red jacket. Officer Suzie arrives at the crime scene and becomes suspicious of Nida’s involvement.

She visits Nida, who manages to convince her of her innocence, but Gaap senses Suzie’s doubt. Nida follows Michael Scott and attempts to cause a fatal accident.

However, Officer Suzie intervenes and stops Nida from harming Michael. As the clock strikes midnight, air raid sirens sound, signaling the onset of nuclear war.

Gaap returns, revealing his eternal oblivion, and invites Nida to join him. Hand in hand, they leave together, escaping the impending destruction of the world.

Black Mirror season 6, episode 5 review

“Demon 79,” the fifth episode of Black Mirror season 6, takes viewers on a journey back to 1979. This episode explores the story of Nida, a sales assistant who becomes entangled in a dark pact with a demon.

The episode delves into themes of power, morality, and the consequences of one’s choices. The episode effectively captures the atmosphere and social climate of the late 1970s, highlighting the tensions surrounding immigration, racial prejudices, and political unrest.

Nida’s experiences as an Indian woman facing mistreatment and alienation, add depth to her character and resonate with the challenges many individuals face in a diverse society. The introduction of the supernatural element through Nida’s encounter with a demon named Gaap, adds a captivating twist to the Black Mirror narrative.

The gradual revelation of the demon’s demands and the bond formed between Nida and Gaap create a sense of suspense and foreboding. The performances in this Black Mirror episode are commendable, with the actors effectively conveying the struggles, conflicts, and moral dilemmas faced by their characters.

The cinematography and production design authentically recreate the setting of 1979, immersing viewers in the time period. While the episode maintains a steady pace and keeps viewers engaged, there are moments when the plot feels predictable and familiar, adhering to some common storytelling tropes.

However, the exploration of the moral complexities and the consequences of Nida’s choices adds depth and thought-provoking elements to this Black Mirror episode. The climax of “Demon 79” is intense and thought-provoking, providing a fitting conclusion to the narrative.

It raises questions about the price of power, the nature of good and evil, and the sacrifices one is willing to make to prevent catastrophe. Overall, “Demon ’79” offers an intriguing blend of supernatural elements and social commentary.

While some aspects may feel predictable, the episode succeeds in captivating Black Mirror viewers and sparking reflection on moral dilemmas and the consequences of one’s actions.

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