Joe Pickett Season 2, Episode 6 recap “Who are the wolf pack?”

On Joe Pickett season 2 episode 6, audiences are taken on a thrilling journey filled with suspense, revelations, and unexpected alliances. In this episode, we are introduced to a mysterious list of names, confrontations, and the revelation of a wolf pack.

Let’s delve into the exciting events that unfolded.

Joe Pickett season 2, episode 6 recap: The mysterious list

The episode commences with Nate, our protagonist, immersed in a hunting expedition. Suddenly, a boat approaches, seeking help for a wounded individual.

However, what initially appears to be a rescue mission turns into a dramatic shootout between Nate and the men on the boat. Although Nate manages to eliminate the threat, he is not unscathed.

An arrow pierces his shoulder during the encounter. Upon searching the assailants’ bodies, he stumbles upon a peculiar list of names concealed within one of their jackets.

Most of the names are crossed out, but to Nate’s surprise, Joe Pickett’s name is present at the bottom.

Joe Pickett season 2, episode 6 recap: Cricket’s discovery

Nate seeks the assistance of an old acquaintance to decipher the significance of the list. While Cricket, Nate’s companion, steps out momentarily, she overhears a conversation between Nate and Robbie, his friend.

Robbie reads out the names on the list, and to Cricket’s astonishment, her own name is mentioned. Overwhelmed by this revelation, Cricket confronts Nate, expressing her anger at being kept in the dark.

She insists that she deserves to know and announces her decision to return to Saddlestring the next day. In an attempt to make amends, Nate provides Cricket with Marissa’s phone records, but he realizes that his apology tour has just begun.

Joe Pickett season 2, episode 6 recap: The wolf pack unveiled

Joe Pickett embarks on an investigation to uncover the truth about Randy Pope and his association with Oliver. During his inquiries, Oliver mentions a photograph left behind by Randy.

The picture depicts a group known as the wolf pack, consisting of Dan Garrett, Wally Conway, Randy Pope, Hank Scarlett, Arlen Scarlett, and Ray. This revelation piques Joe’s curiosity, as it suggests that the wolf pack might hold vital information or have been involved in significant events.

Determined to unravel the truth, Joe decides to pay a visit to Vern Dunnegan in jail.

Joe Pickett season 2, episode 6 recap: Joe Pickett’s investigation

Joe shares the group photo with Marybeth, emphasizing that the wolf pack might be connected to recent mysterious occurrences. He suspects that someone is systematically eliminating members of the pack.

Joe recalls a previous encounter where a stranger mentioned a group of hunters, leaving him with a nagging curiosity to verify their existence. With this newfound lead, Joe heads to the local jail to meet Vern Dunnegan, hoping to gather more information about the wolf pack and their potential involvement.

Joe Pickett season 2, episode 6 recap: The Ending: Unraveling the truth

As the episode concludes, the audience is left craving more answers. The tantalizing revelations throughout the episode have set the stage for a thrilling climax.

The hunt for the truth intensifies as Joe Pickett continues to dig deeper into the mysteries surrounding the wolf pack. With each piece of the puzzle he uncovers, the danger and suspense escalate, leaving us eagerly awaiting the next episode.


Joe Pickett  season 2 episode 6 captivates viewers with its suspenseful plotline and intriguing character dynamics. The episode introduces a mysterious list of names, confrontations, and the revelation of the wolf pack.

As Joe Pickett delves further into his investigation, the stakes continue to rise, promising an action-packed continuation. Brace yourself for more thrilling twists and turns in the episodes to come.

Joe Pickett season 2 episode 7 “Fair Chase” is scheduled for release on July 9, 2023 on Paramount+. The episode will air at 3AM EST and will have a run time of 46 minutes.