Netflix’s Manifest season 4, episode 13 recap: “Ghost Plane”

MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) Luna Blaise as Olive Stone and Ty Doran as Cal Stone in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022
MANIFEST SEASON 04. (L to R) Luna Blaise as Olive Stone and Ty Doran as Cal Stone in Manifest Season 04. Cr. Netflix © 2022 /

Get ready for a thrilling ride as we dive into the captivating world of Manifest season 4, episode 13! “Ghost Plane,” takes us deeper into a web of mystery and intrigue.

From a trapped Fiona to Ben’s eerie Calling, and the unsettling revelations of Angelina’s deadly mission, the story keeps us hooked from start to finish. With connections unraveling, prophecies unfolding, and the fate of characters hanging in the balance, this episode delivers suspense and excitement at every turn.

Join us as we unravel the secrets and brace ourselves for the dire consequences that lie ahead.

Manifest season 4, episode 13 recap

Zimmer believes that things are about to escalate due to the locust situation. Ben is brought in for a meeting regarding his Calling, but Michaela is skeptical of the whole process.

She thinks Ben could be a valuable asset in the field, but Zimmer disagrees and assigns Michaela to the case. Eventually, Ben reveals that his Calling is leading him to Mansion Marina and slip 57, where a boat is being pulled under by an unknown force.

Meanwhile, Cal and Olive recall Fiona’s past, including a childhood accident that prevented her from having Callings. Surprisingly, she now seems stuck in a perpetual Calling.

Cal is determined to solve Fiona’s Calling, as she had helped him in the Divine Consciousness. He discovers a giant olive tree in her seat during his attempts to enter the Calling.

Cal manages to retrieve some olives from the tree, astonishing Olive. Olive suggests that Cal connects with the Divine Consciousness to locate Saanvi, who might be able to assist Fiona.

Fiona is struggling to breathe due to a collapsed lung, meaning Cal must perform an operation to stabilize her condition, which he successfully accomplishes. At the Detention Center, Captain Daly is plagued by boils and spots, and a guard who comes into contact with him dies.

Saanvi discovers that the boils contain traces of Captain Daly’s DNA, similar to the locusts. However, Zimmer denies any connection, creating suspicion around his motives.

Michaela and Jared follow leads related to Ben’s Calling, leading them to a boat owned by Eagan’s father. Ben receives another Calling, revealing someone being pulled out of the water wearing a special necklace.

Ben gains access to Eagan, who identifies the necklace as the Faravahar, symbolizing good conduct for the soul. Ben suspects it may be related to Eagan’s mother, but Eagan is unable to provide further help.

Michaela and Ben uncover Eagan’s mother staging a break-in and stealing the family’s money. This revelation connects to Ben’s new Calling, involving strings and an iron heart, which seems to implicate Eagan’s protégé, Cheryl.

Michaela and Jared decide to deceive Cheryl, but she catches on and tries to escape. Fortunately, Michaela apprehends Cheryl, leading to her arrest.

Saanvi learns that Agent Cordell’s boils contain Captain Daly’s DNA. However, Zimmer denies any knowledge of the connection.

Meanwhile, Angelina uses her powers to communicate with Eden, a young girl who can see Olive. Angelina’s interactions with Eden reveal a link to the unfolding events and suggest a significant role for her.

Referencing the book of Revelations, Angelina believes she is chosen to bring about the end of times by killing the two witnesses mentioned in the biblical text. This revelation adds a dangerous twist to the story.

The episode ends with Fiona’s condition deteriorating after Eden removes something from her chest, and Angelina crosses out two witnesses in her book, hinting at dire consequences.

Manifest season 4, episode 13 review

Manifest season 4 episode 13, “Ghost Plane,” takes us on an exciting and suspenseful journey. We are drawn into a world of mystery and revelations that keep us hooked throughout the episode.

One of the exciting parts of this episode is the discovery of Fiona, who is somehow alive but trapped in a never-ending Calling. Cal and Olive try to help her, with their connection to the Divine Consciousness adding an interesting element to the story.

There’s also a big olive tree that plays a mysterious role, making things even more intriguing. The tensions between Ben, Michaela, and Zimmer regarding the Callings add depth to the story.

We’re left wondering about Zimmer’s motives and what he knows about the events unfolding. The reveal of the Faravahar necklace and its connection to Eagan’s mother adds an exciting twist and makes us eager to find out more.

The characters’ development in this episode is worth noting. We see Eagan struggling with self-hatred and trying to reconcile with his parents.

Angelina’s character becomes more complex as she believes she is chosen to bring about the end of the world. The visuals and special effects in “Ghost Plane” are impressive, especially during the scenes involving Fiona’s Calling and the supernatural elements with Angelina and Eden.

The attention to detail in creating a captivating world keeps us engaged. The episode ends with Fiona’s condition worsening and Angelina’s unsettling actions, leaving us wanting to know what will happen next.

The cliffhanger ending raises the stakes and leaves us eagerly awaiting the next episode to see the consequences for the characters and the overall story. Overall, season 4 episode 13 provides an exciting and suspenseful viewing experience.

The well-crafted plot, intriguing characters, and impressive visuals make it a standout episode. With its twists and revelations, “Ghost Plane” leaves us wanting more and excited for the next chapter in this captivating series.

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