Amazon Prime Video’s Jack Ryan season 4, episode 3 recap: Sacrifices

Jack Ryan -- Photo credit: Jennifer Clasen/Amazon Studios
Jack Ryan -- Photo credit: Jennifer Clasen/Amazon Studios /

In the third episode of Jack Ryan season 4, titled “Sacrifices,” the story unfolds with Director Wright and Osoji traveling to Lagos amidst escalating violence.

They aim to investigate the death of former President Udo and the increasing chaos in the city. Meanwhile, Ryan is determined to find Chao, the man behind Miller’s death.

The episode brings new alliances, shocking revelations, and personal threats, setting the stage for a complex and dangerous mission.

Jack Ryan season 4, episode 3 recap

Revealing Personal Histories and Motivations

During their journey, Director Wright and Osoji have a conversation where Osoji shares his Nigerian background and how his village was helped by Mormon missionaries.

He believes in President Okoli’s mission to make Nigeria safer. Osoji thinks Okoli understands the importance of their trip and is receptive to their goals.

Chao’s Actions and Miller’s Death

It is confirmed that Chao was responsible for Miller’s death, although the public believes Miller took his own life.

Ryan seeks the assistance of Mike November and decides to locate Chao, uncovering the connections between the events. They are determined to find Chao and the mastermind behind everything.

Surprising Discoveries and Unlikely Partnerships:

Chao and Soe Wai visit the docks and come across an unexpected shipment. They find a group of trafficked girls bound for Myanmar.

Meanwhile, Ryan meets with President Okoli, and an unexpected encounter takes place between Elizabeth and Ame, who join forces to investigate Udo’s killer.

Following Leads and Facing Dilemmas:

November locates Chavez, recognizing a distinctive tattoo on his arm. Ryan and Chavez head to the location together.

Chao reveals to his wife that their escape plans are on hold due to the situation in Mexico. Dr. Tun suspects Chao’s involvement, putting their family at risk.

Important Decisions and Consequences:

Elizabeth assigns Greer the task of tracing the burner phone used during Udo’s assassination, leading them to BizHub. Greer visits the BizHub office, unaware that Tuttle is monitoring him.

Developing a Risky Plan

Ryan and Chavez discuss their plan to reach Chao, despite the Triad’s watchful eye. They decide to send a message by targeting and burning Chao’s business stations.

Meanwhile, Zeyara and Cathy discuss helping the victims of human trafficking and the drug trade, with Cathy considering the risky proposal.

Chao’s Ruthless Act and Deceptive Moves

Chao confronts Soe about leaving the Triad, leading to a deadly confrontation. Chao presents Soe’s body as the “mole” within the Triad to Dr. Tun. Chavez travels to Yucatan, meeting Officer Morales to set up a trap for Marquez, the leader of the Marquez Cartel.

Unveiling a Risky Plan

Ryan informs Elizabeth about their plan to disrupt the connection between Croatia and the Mexican port, involving Josip Olafsky and Chao’s marketplace in Dubrovnik.

Elizabeth warns Ryan about the scrutiny the CIA is facing and the challenges they might encounter.

Personal Threats and High Stakes

Tuttle visits Greer, warning him to stop investigating. Greer is faced with a difficult decision to protect his family or continue his pursuit.


Episode 3 of Jack Ryan Season 4, Sacrifices, takes viewers deeper into the intricate web of relationships, personal histories, and hidden motives.

As the characters face challenges and make sacrifices, the tension continues to rise. The episode sets the stage for a complex and dangerous mission, where alliances are tested, and betrayals loom.

Viewers eagerly anticipate the next episode, as the gripping season unfolds with suspense and high stakes.

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