The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 episode 1 recap: The Rules of Professional Conduct

Lincoln Lawyer. (L to R) Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller, Becki Newton as Lorna in episode 101 of Lincoln Lawyer. Cr. Lara Solanki/Netflix © 2022
Lincoln Lawyer. (L to R) Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller, Becki Newton as Lorna in episode 101 of Lincoln Lawyer. Cr. Lara Solanki/Netflix © 2022 /

The Lincoln Lawyer is an exciting legal drama TV series based on Michael Connelly’s books. It follows the story of Mickey Haller, a defense attorney in Los Angeles, played by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo.

The show premiered on Netflix in May 2022 and received positive reviews. It was renewed for a second season based on Connelly’s novel The Fifth Witness.

The second season is split into two parts, with the first part released in July 2023. Fans eagerly await the continuation of Mickey Haller’s legal adventures in this captivating series.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, episode1 recap

In the first episode of the second season of The Lincoln Lawyer, we witness Mickey Haller facing a brutal beating in a parking garage at night, raising questions about how he ended up in such a dangerous situation once again.

The episode takes us back a few weeks earlier, where Mickey is enjoying his newfound fame as a highly regarded attorney in Los Angeles. His client’s death has propelled him into the spotlight, resulting in numerous interviews and the growth of his law firm.

While Mickey basks in his success, his assistant Lorna struggles to manage his busy schedule. She informs Mickey about a new client named Russell Lawson, who chose him based on his reputation. Russell has been arrested for burglary and indecent exposure and wants the best representation possible.

Mickey receives a call from Maggie, his ex-wife, who inquires about their dinner plans. They discuss their daughter, Hayley, and Maggie mentions a new person she’s dating, causing a tinge of jealousy in Mickey.

Their dinner takes an unfortunate turn when a heated argument erupts, leading to Maggie storming off. Later, Mickey finds comfort and a romantic connection with Lisa Trammell, the chef and owner of a restaurant.

Meanwhile, Cisco, Mickey’s colleague, lies to Lorna about his whereabouts, adding to the mounting tension in the office. Lorna, overwhelmed with work, law school, and wedding planning, struggles to handle everything on her plate.

Mickey takes on Russell’s case, realizing that he accidentally broke into a house, mistaking it for his own while intoxicated. Mickey aims to prove Russell’s innocence, but he faces challenges in reaching Cisco for assistance.

The episode also delves into Maggie’s professional troubles as her case is poached, leaving her feeling disheartened. She seeks advice from a friend named Andy, who suggests she consider other job opportunities.

As the story unfolds, Mickey discovers that Lisa is facing intimidation from a building developer named Mitchell Bondurant, who wants to gentrify the community. Mickey promises to help her and offers to find a real estate lawyer.

Complications arise when Mickey meets with Jesús, his previous client, and Briggs, an investigator who presents evidence suggesting Jesús may have killed Martha. Mickey fiercely defends Jesús and sends him home, vowing to uncover the truth.

The episode ends with Mickey receiving a surprising call from Izzy, his colleague, informing him that Russell has paid a large retainer fee. Mickey brushes off the peculiarity of the situation and returns home, only to discover Russell waiting for him.

In a shocking twist, it is revealed that Russell is the tattooed man responsible for Martha’s murder. He purposely hired Mickey to benefit from attorney-client privilege, putting Mickey in a difficult position.

Mickey cannot turn in Russell without risking disbarment, nor can he defend Jesús due to the conflict of interest and the threats Russell poses to his family.

The Rules of Professional Conduct sets the stage for an intense and gripping second season of The Lincoln Lawyer, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the unfolding events and the moral dilemmas Mickey will face in the episodes to come.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, episode1 ending explained

In conclusion, the first episode of The Lincoln Lawyer’s second season sets the stage for an exciting and gripping story. We see Mickey Haller facing new challenges and dangers, and his journey keeps us hooked and wanting more.

The episode introduces us to Mickey’s fame and success as a lawyer but also shows the difficulties he faces in managing his busy schedule and personal relationships. We witness his conflicts with his ex-wife Maggie, his assistant Lorna, and his colleague Cisco, which add tension to the story.

Mickey takes on a new client, Russell, who is accused of burglary and indecent exposure. As Mickey investigates the case, he discovers unexpected connections and complications. Meanwhile, Maggie faces professional setbacks, and Mickey finds himself drawn to Lisa, a restaurant owner facing her own troubles.

The episode ends with a shocking twist when Mickey realizes that Russell, his client, is actually the person responsible for the murder. This puts Mickey in a difficult position, unable to turn Russell in without risking his own career and unable to defend another client due to the conflicts involved.

Overall, the first episode of the second season leaves us excited for what’s to come. The story is engaging, the characters are complex, and the moral dilemmas keep us on the edge of our seats.

We look forward to seeing how Mickey navigates through these challenges and what choices he will make in the episodes ahead.

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