Disney Plus: Rennervations receives a Hollywood Critics Association TV Awards nomination!

Jeremy Renner as seen on Disney's RENNERVATIONS. (Disney/Nina Riggio)
Jeremy Renner as seen on Disney's RENNERVATIONS. (Disney/Nina Riggio) /

The nominees for this year’s Hollywood Critics Association TV Awards are here, which includes a nomination for the Disney Plus show Rennervations. The one-season (thus far) show, starring Jeremy Renner, most commonly known as Marvel’s Hawkeye, consisted of four episodes.

Renner and his team would take out-of-service vehicles and transform them into something entirely new, with the purpose of helping children and communities throughout the world. Each episode focused on an individual project and would have a guest star such as Anthony Mackie and Anil Kapoor.

It was compelling, innovative and put instant smiles on faces as audiences watched someone of Renner’s status caring about and helping others through creative and useful means. We’re talking about providing clean and drinkable water for children in India, a means for children in Chicago to have a safe outlet for their music and a mobile dance studio in Los Cabos, Mexico after the previous one was damaged in a hurricane.

Although we are seeing the process through television screens, there is no doubt the number of lives that were changed due to Renner’s big heart and ingenuity. Will there be a season 2?

Rennervations receives a nomination for Best Streaming Nonfiction Series

We’re still hoping so. With all that said, it should be no surprise that Rennervations is nominated for Best Streaming Nonfiction Series alongside the likes of Rainn Wilson and the Geography of Bliss, The Reluctant Traveler with Eugene Levy and The 1619 Project.

Will Rennervations take home the award? We really hope so!

Check out the full list of Hollywood Critics TV Awards nominees here. We wish all the nominees the best of luck!

You can watch season 1 of Rennervations on Disney Plus.

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