Secret Invasion: Unveiling the incredible power of the Harvest

Kingsley Ben-Adir as Rebel Skrull leader Gravik in Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion, exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. © 2022 MARVEL.
Kingsley Ben-Adir as Rebel Skrull leader Gravik in Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion, exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. © 2022 MARVEL. /

The Marvel Cinematic Universe show Secret Invasion has been full of excitement and surprises. One of the biggest mysteries has been “the Harvest,” a machine that can give the Skulls special abilities by mixing their DNA with that of superhumans and other creatures.

In season 1 episode 5, we finally get to know more about the true nature of “the Harvest” and its connection to the Avengers.

The Secret Invasion’s Harvest

In the early episodes of Secret Invasion, we saw Gravik trying hard to find “the Harvest”, a machine that can combine superhuman DNA with the Skulls’ DNA. This creates Super-Skrulls with extra powers, though they’re a bit different from the ones in the comics.

We’ve already seen two types of powers from “the Harvest”: one is the Extremis virus from Iron Man 3, which helps people heal from serious injuries and even regrow body parts. The other power comes from Flora Colossus, or Groot, who can grow and use his strength.

In season 1 episode 4, Gravik showed how dangerous these powers can be by crushing a soldier with Groot’s strength.

The source of power

Finally, in season 1 episode 5, we learn where “the Harvest’s” incredible power comes from. It turns out it is a secret collection of DNA from the Avengers.

After the big Battle of Earth in Avengers: Endgame, every Avenger spilled their blood, including Captain Marvel. Nick Fury, being smart, knew this DNA could be something special.

So, right after the battle, he asked Gravik and other Skrulls to gather all the Avengers’ DNA and keep it safe. This is how Gravik got the idea of creating Super-Skrulls.

Unleashing ultimate power

Nick Fury knew the Avengers’ DNA was powerful stuff, and that’s why Gravik wants “the Harvest” so badly. If Gravik gets hold of the vial with all the collected DNA, he could have the combined powers of all the Avengers.

It’s like the Super-Skrull from the comics named Kl’rt, who had the abilities of all the Fantastic Four members. Now, the pressure is on for Nick Fury to stop Gravik from getting “the Harvest”.

If Gravik succeeds, he could become extremely powerful, and that’s a big problem. The fate of Earth and the Skrulls depends on this final showdown between Fury and Gravik.

“The Harvest” in Secret Invasion is a crucial part of the story, adding excitement and depth to the series. The idea of mixing Avengers’ DNA with Skrulls’ DNA to create Super-Skrulls is thrilling and makes us wonder what will happen next.

As we wait to see how the battle unfolds, we can’t help but wonder if Nick Fury will be able to stop Gravik and prevent the Super-Skrulls from taking over. Only time will tell how this thrilling chapter will end.

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