Netflix’s King the Land season 1, episode 1 recap: Not So Meet-Cute

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King the Land Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

Join us as King The Land presents a delightful mix of humor, romance, and family complexities. With Sa-rang and Gu Won at the helm, their individual journeys promise thrilling moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Get ready for an unforgettable ride as this K-drama weaves a tale of ambition, love, and personal growth, leaving you eagerly anticipating what lies ahead in the magical world of King Hotel.

Don’t miss a moment of the heartwarming and hilarious encounters that await in this must-watch series.

King the Land season 1 episode 1 recap

The awesome K-drama King The Land starts with an interesting beginning, taking us into the world of the King Hotel in 2015. The hotel is searching for trainees, but the candidates they see don’t quite meet the high standards of the prestigious establishment.

However, a ray of sunshine appears in the form of Cheon Sa-rang, a cheerful and talented young woman who doesn’t have a B.A. degree but makes up for it with her infectious positivity.

During her interview, Sa-rang impresses and amuses the interviewers with her pretend piano playing and a big grin.

Even though her first meeting with the panel is unconventional, Sa-rang’s strong spirit shines through, earning her a chance to prove herself. At the same time, the male lead, Gu Won, a suave guy with a secret identity, starts his internship at the hotel.

Gu Won makes a grand entrance, skydiving onto the hotel grounds. His manager, Choi Tae-man, isn’t happy with his flashy attitude and expensive clothes and hopes to teach him some humility. But Gu Won remains calm, and a series of funny mishaps lead to him getting fired unexpectedly.

Finding out that Gu Won is the Chairman’s son adds more complexity to the story. The Chairman wanted him to start from the bottom, so he’s upset with how things turned out. Gu Won also has a rivalry with his older half-sister, Gu Hwa-ran, which adds tension to the family dynamic.

Meanwhile, Sa-rang goes from being a temporary worker at the fitness center to becoming a favorite at the hotel. She faces challenges and bullying from her colleagues, but she excels in her role, impressing her bosses with her language skills and great customer service.

As the plot unfolds, both Gu Won and Sa-rang go on their separate journeys. Gu Won wanders the streets of London alone, while Sa-rang makes significant progress in her career.

An unexpected twist is revealed when it’s discovered that Gu Won and Hwa-ran are half-siblings, adding more depth to Gu Won’s relationship with his family.

The episode ends with a funny and awkward encounter between Gu Won and Sa-rang in a hotel suite. Sa-rang finds herself in a tight spot when Gu Won unexpectedly walks in, leading to a hilarious and surprising moment that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats.

King the Land season 1 episode 1 conclusion

King The Land Episode 1 lays the foundation for an exciting drama filled with humor, romance, and family conflicts. With captivating characters and unexpected turns, the show promises an engaging and emotional journey for the audience.

As the story continues, viewers will eagerly await how Sa-rang and Gu Won’s paths intertwine and how their personal journeys will shape the destiny of the King Hotel.

With a strong start and promising developments, King The Land is sure to capture the hearts of K-drama fans all over the world.

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