AMC: Who is Troy Otto on Fear the Walking Dead?

MADRID, SPAIN - JULY 24: Daniel Sharman attends 'Fear The Walking Dead' photocall at Callao Cinema on July 24, 2017 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Juan Naharro Gimenez/WireImage)
MADRID, SPAIN - JULY 24: Daniel Sharman attends 'Fear The Walking Dead' photocall at Callao Cinema on July 24, 2017 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Juan Naharro Gimenez/WireImage) /

Troy Otto (Daniel Sharman) met his demise back in Fear the Walking Dead season 3 by the hands of Madison Clark. His skull was bashed by Madison’s (Kim Dickens) hammer after she learned Troy was responsible for the demise of Broke Jaw Ranch.

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The audience watches Troy fall to the ground assuming he’s extremely dead. But as Madison has said before “no one’s gone until they’re gone.”

Last week at the San Diego Comic-Con fan showing, it was revealed Troy Otto is back for the last half of Fear the Walking Dead! There have been ongoing rumors ever since Sharman’s Troy chair was spotted in a behind-the-scenes picture.

Fans at first speculated it must be for a flashback scene. Madison returning from the dead was highly unlikely and unexpected in itself.

They couldn’t surely be doing that twice, right? Well, I think we can put all those questions to bed.

Troy looks to be back in full form for the ending of Fear the Walking Dead. 

Fear the Walking Dead: Who was Troy Otto?

Troy Otto was the psychopathic son of Jeremiah Otto (Dayton Callie). Jeremiah was the man who left Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) to die in the desert.

After leading a horde to destroy Broke Jaw Ranch, Madison had no mercy to give Troy. Nick (Frank Dillane) watched on in horror as his own mother murdered his surprisingly new friend.

If that wasn’t enough to assure his death, Nick also saw his lifeless body being carried away by a flood at the Gonzalez Dam. Broke Jaw Ranch was a survivalist community that was equipped to handle the apocalypse, they just didn’t know it would be an apocalypse of the dead.

It was said they were libertarians, but they came across as a very racist white supremacist group. Troy led the horde there in revenge for his father’s death, which ultimately got his brother Jake killed too.

He believed he was in the right to take away what Madison took from him, his home and his family for her own gain and survival. Troy was a charismatic villain with little remorse for murdering, until his actions got his brother killed.

He started to get better with some thinking a redemption arc could be in place. However, once he got around Madison that same old Troy came back out.

Madison and Troy had somewhat of a maternal relationship, but they brought out the worst in each other. Troy suffered a broken and traumatic past due to his parents, and never received the type of love and affection that Nick and Alicia had.

Maybe that was something he was looking for in Madison, maybe she saw some of herself in Troy and didn’t like that fact.

When will we see Troy’s return?

Season 8B of Fear the Walking Dead will return October 22 on AMC and AMC+. Before the first half of Fear the Walking Dead went off completely, we saw Madison announcing on the radio coordinates about PADRE to the parents who have lost their children.

She is continuing her quest to reunite families. However, what she doesn’t know is who else is listening on the channel. The audience could see a mysterious listener writing those coordinates down with Strand’s sunglasses, Alicia’s prosthetic arm, and a hammer with a map of the Gonzalez Dam’s location.

This is the place where Troy was last seen. This already insinuates he is very much alive and, on his way, to find Madison.

The reunion of Madison and Troy is sure to be a chaotic one with no hugs exchanged anytime in the future. After seeing what season 8B has in store, we saw Madison Clark lunging her hammer at a man who appears to resemble Troy.

A nice little parallel from the last time we saw the two. Though there were some better reunions that could have been written before the end of Fear the Walking Dead, this one will be sure to leave fans in suspense coming into October.

If you need to catch up on Troy’s story or binge the series, you can watch all 7 seasons on AMC!

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