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In My Adventures with Superman season 1 episode 3, it’s a typical day in Metropolis, which means that a blimp is about to crash into a building. While everyone stares in horror, Superman appears and manages to save the pilot of the blimp, as well as all the people who were about to be crushed by falling rubble because they were busy staring instead of running.

Lois, who is continuing to try and score an interview with Superman after the last episode, hurries onto the scene. But Superman flies away before she gets the chance to ask him any questions.

My Adventures with Superman season 1, episode 3 recap – It’s hard to climb the ladder as an intern

Later at the Daily Planet, Clark shows up with Lois’ favorite coffee. They’re about to have a sweet moment together, when it’s interrupted by Jimmy who tells them that all of the research the trio has done on Superman is taken away by The Daily Planet’s star reporting team.

It seems that Perry White is finally taking the Superman story seriously, but that means he’s assigning it to other reporters, instead of letting Lois and the other interns take on the story. Clark tries to use this turn of events to dissuade Lois in her pursuit of Superman, but it doesn’t seem to work very well.

However, a jailbreak on the news feels like a good story they can all agree to pursue. Clark is happy that Lois is taking a break from going after Superman, plus gathering information will help him track down the criminals so he can put them away as the superhero.

It turns out the three people involved in the jail break are a group of low-level criminals, who don’t provide much threat. But recently they got their hands on some of the stolen military tech that has flooded the streets of Metropolis after the events of the first two episodes.

The two on the outside used this newfound tech to break out the third member of their gang. Now, with the new military tech at their disposal, they set about planning to pull off their biggest heist yet.

My Adventures with Superman season 1, episode 3 recap – Bending the rules of journalism…

Meanwhile, back at the Daily Planet, Lois reveals to Clark and Jimmy that she temporarily “borrowed” some press passes of Planet reporters so that they could get an interview with the warden of the jail. Clark doesn’t approve of Lois’ methods, but he goes along with the ruse.

When the ruse escalates to Lois swiping the Warden’s keycard as well, so they can get a look at the crime scene, Clark can’t help but be a little bit impressed. Using clues that they’ve gleaned from snooping out the jail cell, Lois, Clark, and Jimmy figure out where the bank robbery is about to go down and hurry to the bank.

But once they’ve gotten there, the crime has already begun. Clark pretends to go get help, but quickly transforms into Superman.

Telling Jimmy and Lois to get to safety, he then confronts the bank robbers. The robbers have an ice ray, but it seems to be faulty.

After a quick fight with Superman, the ice ray starts to malfunction and can’t be turned off. The whole bank is quickly encased in ice with more starting to spread out into the city.

Superman, trying to escape from the ice, fires his heat vision for the first time, freeing himself and destroying the ice beam. Without the beam, the ice melts safely and the criminals are captured.

Superman agrees to give Lois an interview after having seen her and Jimmy risk their lives to save people during the crisis. He tells her that he doesn’t know where he’s from and that he is still trying to figure everything out.

But he promises that he’s here to help the people of Metropolis, before flying away and turning back into Clark. Once he’s back behind the glasses he asks Lois how her talk with Superman went.

She declares Superman a liar much to Clark’s shock as the episode comes to an end.

My Adventures with Superman season 1, episode 3 recap – Relationships are already well established

It’s really nice to see a Superman animated series that takes such great care in detailing the action sequences. After all, My Adventures with Superman is a superhero show, and good set pieces really help to sell the show.

However, as good as the action beats are in this show, what’s really been the driving force so far is the relationships that the characters have built with each other. We’re only three episodes in, and the dynamic between the three main characters feels like it’s been well established for multiple seasons already.

Each pairing works in a unique way. Sometimes in Superman, the relationship between Lois and Jimmy can feel shallow with them only working together due to the fact they’re working on the same thing.

In this show, these two are already building a friendship, so the show is just as engaging in the moments that Superman isn’t on screen. Clark and Jimmy have an established relationship from the first moments of the show and feels like a solid relationship from the get-go.

And of course, Lois and Clark have an immediate sweet dynamic. Some Superman stories in the past have had Lois too focused on Superman to ever really notice Clark.

But this show has Lois just as focused on Superman as any other, but is still able to show her relationship with Clark as something real, exciting and worth getting invested in. In this episode we get to see Lois interact with Superman for the first time, and her interactions with the hero are clearly different than with Clark.

The Clark and Lois relationship feels like it could be the driving force in this series, rather than Superman.

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