Netflix’s King the Land season 1 episode 3 recap: Time For A Smile

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In the third episode of King the Land, the story gets more exciting as Gu Won goes for an interview at the fancy King Hotel. He meets Sa-rang, the interviewer, and they have some funny moments together. Later, they have a photo shoot, and funny things happen on a mini-island.

At the King Air headquarters, there’s a drama with bullying and fairness. The episode mixes mystery, romance, and humor, keeping us interested in the characters and their relationships. We can’t wait to see what happens next in the show!

King the Land season 1 episode 3 recap

In the third episode of King the Land, the excitement kicks off with Gu Won arriving sharply dressed for his interview at the prestigious King Hotel on Jeju Island.

Sa-rang, the interviewer, is awestruck by his presence but can’t resist teasing him about his hair, leading to a rocky start. As the interview progresses, questions revolve around Gu Won’s mother, the co-founder of the hotel, bringing a smile to Hwa-ran’s face as she watches.

As Gu Won and Sa-rang venture out for a sunset photo shoot, things take a turn for the worse when their boat breaks down, and a looming typhoon adds to their worries.

Stranded on a mini-island, they find themselves entangled in a series of comedic mishaps, and emotions start to simmer between them.

Back at the King Air headquarters, senior flight attendant Yoo Soo-hyun’s bullying tactics are brought to light when Ro-woon challenges her behavior, leading to a surprising twist. Meanwhile, Manager Da-eul tries to enforce fairness among the staff, but old traditions prove hard to break.

In the midst of the chaos, the photo shoot becomes a challenge when Gu Won refuses to smile genuinely. His constant sulking sparks a hilarious yet awkward situation that reveals more about his character.

Throughout the trip, Sa-rang’s persistence and sincerity in handling matters earn her a promotion to work at King The Land, much to her delight.

Amidst all the turbulence, a spark of curiosity arises in Gu Won when he realizes his true feelings about Sa-rang. As the episode concludes, we are left with a sense of anticipation as we witness Gu Won’s inner conflict and the beginnings of an unexpected attraction.

King the Land season 1 episode 3 review

After a slow start in the premiere, King the Land Episode 3 picks up the pace, delivering a captivating mix of mystery and romance that keeps viewers engaged.

The episode delves deeper into the mystery surrounding Gu Won’s mother, leaving us questioning if she is the co-founder of the hotel or if it’s Hwa-ran’s mother.

The broken clock becomes a significant clue, possibly related to her disappearance or demise. The eerie scenes with the smiling staff add to the intrigue, hinting at a potential conspiracy involving Gu Won and Hwa-ran.

Adding a fun twist to the narrative, the enemies-to-lovers trope takes center stage as Gu Won and Sa-rang, two staff members who can’t stand each other, find themselves forced to work closely together. This classic rom-com cliché brings about humorous moments, adding a lighthearted touch to the storyline.

As the episode unfolds, Gu Won’s feelings for Sa-rang start to blossom, evident through his longing glances and efforts to understand her better. The quiz scene provides a heartwarming and eye-opening moment, revealing the true depth of Gu Won’s emotions.

Overall, King the Land Episode 3 strikes a perfect balance between mystery and romance, leaving us eager to see how the story unravels and the characters’ relationships develop further.

With each episode, the drama continues to captivate its audience, keeping us invested in the unfolding secrets and burgeoning romance.

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