How does Henry Cavill’s journey end in The Witcher season 3?

The Witcher season 3. Image: Netflix. Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia.
The Witcher season 3. Image: Netflix. Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. /

The Witcher season 3 had fans anxiously wondering about the fate of Henry Cavill’s character, Geralt. In Episode 7, a shocking revelation by Milva hinted at the possibility of Geralt’s demise, leaving viewers concerned about how the show would handle Henry Cavill’s exit from The Witcher.

However, rest assured, Geralt’s story took an unexpected turn, leading to a thrilling and heroic conclusion.

How does The Witcher season 3 end?

A Dire Situation for Geralt

Early on in The Witcher season 3, episode 7, Milva, portrayed by Meng’er Zhang, delivered distressing news about Geralt’s health. It seemed that Geralt was gravely ill, sparking speculation that this might be the end of his journey in the show.

Fans were worried that the showrunners might have decided to kill off his beloved character as a way to bid farewell to Henry Cavill.

A Miraculous Recovery

Despite the initial dire situation, Geralt’s fate was not sealed. Thanks to the assistance of Yennefer, he managed to make a remarkable recovery, though he was still not at full strength.

This turn of events brought hope to fans, who were relieved to see that Geralt’s story wasn’t over just yet.

The Mission to Save Ciri

Determined to reunite with Ciri, Geralt joined forces with Jaskier, portrayed by Joey Batey. Together, they embarked on a daring mission to infiltrate Nilfgaard, believing that Ciri was in danger within its borders.

Their unwavering commitment to rescuing Ciri set the stage for an action-packed and emotional journey.

A Stand Against Injustice

As Geralt and his companions reached the border of Nilfgaard, they encountered a distressing situation. Nilfgaardian soldiers were demanding bribes from travelers seeking entry into the empire.

Initially complying, Geralt’s sense of justice was ignited when he witnessed a family being mistreated by these soldiers. With the support of Milva, he took a courageous stand and engaged in a fierce confrontation with the soldiers, leaving only one survivor.

He sent a powerful message to Emhyr, the emperor of Nilfgaard, that he was coming for Ciri, determined to protect her at all costs.

A Farewell in Pursuit of Love

The last scene featuring Henry Cavill in The Witcher Season 3 showed Geralt, Milva, and Jaskier preparing to set off on their mission to find Ciri. The trio saddled up stolen horses, embarking on a journey filled with determination, bravery, and love.

The Witcher season 3 conclusion

As The Witcher season 3 drew to a close, Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Geralt continued to captivate audiences with his heroism and resilience. Contrary to initial fears, Geralt’s journey did not end with his death; instead, it concluded with hope, determination, and a fierce pursuit of love.

The showrunners crafted a fitting farewell to Henry Cavill’s character, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what lies ahead in the future seasons of The Witcher.

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