The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 episode 9 recap: The Fifth Witness

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MAY 09: (L-R) Bryan Geli, Becki Newton, Chris Diamantopoulos and Reggie Lee attend Netflix's 'The Lincoln Lawyer' special screening & reception at The London West Hollywood on May 09, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Netflix )
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - MAY 09: (L-R) Bryan Geli, Becki Newton, Chris Diamantopoulos and Reggie Lee attend Netflix's 'The Lincoln Lawyer' special screening & reception at The London West Hollywood on May 09, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Netflix ) /

In the latest episode of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2, things are getting really intense in the courtroom. Mickey, the lawyer, decides to put Lisa on the witness stand so she can tell her side of the story. This is where things get really interesting.

As the trial goes on, we learn more about Lisa and what happened in her life. She talks about her problems with her husband Jeff and how she ended up in this mess with Bondurant. It’s like peeling back layers of a mystery.

Mickey is working hard to help Lisa, but the other side is also trying to make things difficult. There are surprises and twists that keep us on our toes. It’s like a game of chess, with both sides trying to outsmart each other.

The tension is building, and we’re all wondering what will happen next. Mickey’s skills as a lawyer are really put to the test as he tries to figure out the best way to help Lisa. And as we get closer to the season finale, we can’t wait to see how everything will wrap up. It’s like a rollercoaster ride of emotions and surprises, and we’re in for a thrilling finish.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 episode 9 recap

Episode 9 of The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 continues where we left off. Mickey, the lawyer, puts Lisa on the stand to talk about her side of the story. We see how Mickey planned this with Lisa and she tells the jury that she’s a hardworking person who stood up against a rich person who was bothering her.

Lisa also talked about why she and her husband Jeff split up. They argued about her wanting to open a restaurant. Mickey also mentioned a podcast where Lisa had to sound excited. She said she didn’t follow Bondurant, but he shared his life on social media, so she knew where he was.

She tells the jury about Bondurant’s attempts to pressure her to sell her property. By the end of her talk, it seems like the jury believes her story of a small person against a big person. Mickey is happy with how Lisa did and says they’ll practice for her cross-examination.

Mickey talks to his friend Lorna about the things Andy might ask Lisa. Lorna says she’ll use this case for her work presentation. Mickey thinks it’s a good idea and suggests Lorna get help from someone named Siegal to make sure her presentation is good.

Mickey goes home and finds his mom getting ready for an audition. She wants Mickey’s friend Izzy to take her to the audition. Mickey doesn’t want to say yes, but he can’t say no to his mom.

The trial continues on Monday. Andy questions Lisa and things go smoothly until she brings up Lisa’s husband, Jeff. It turns out Lisa is still married to Jeff, and Andy makes Lisa look bad by saying Jeff left because he was scared of her. Lisa gets angry and calls Jeff a bad name.

Next, one of Lisa’s workers, René, testifies that Lisa is a good boss. But Andy shows old social media posts where René said he quit because of Lisa’s temper. Andy makes Lisa look like someone who gets angry easily.

Mickey is sad they didn’t know about the old posts. He gets a call from Izzy, who says his mom is bothering her a lot. Izzy can’t pick Mickey up from court.

Meanwhile, Cisco, Mickey’s helper, works on getting an expert to say Lisa couldn’t have killed Bondurant because of their height differences. Dr. Arslanian comes to court and uses a doll to show Lisa is too short to have hurt Bondurant.

But Andy says Bondurant might have been looking up when he was hurt, and the expert’s argument doesn’t work anymore. Mickey is disappointed.

The trial ends for the day. Mickey’s mom is upset because her agent left her. Mickey comforts her and she thinks maybe it’s a sign to spend time with family. Mickey tells her to keep trying for her dreams and agrees to let her come to court.

The next day, Lorna talks to Siegal about her work presentation and Mickey’s case. She talks about Mickey’s strategy in the trial. She talks about Grant and Bondurant, and how Mickey connected them.

They show that Grant was doing illegal things to help his business. Mickey also shows a connection between Grant and Bondurant. Grant’s real name is revealed, and he has connections to criminal activity. Mickey makes Grant admit things he didn’t want to.

Mickey’s friend Cisco talks about what he found. He followed Grant and saw a van from a company called Eagle Couriers near where Bondurant was killed. This makes people think maybe Lisa didn’t do it.

While they were taking a break, Vasquez had a conversation with Mickey about Grant. Mickey is facing problems with the FBI. After the break, Andy talks about Lisa maybe being guilty. She says there’s evidence like Lisa’s fingerprints on the weapon and Bondurant’s blood on her gloves. Andy suggests Lisa might have had reasons to harm Bondurant, which is different from Grant’s situation.

After Andy talks, they stop for the day. Lisa is worried and Mickey tries to calm her down. She promises to bring him food later.

Late at night, Mickey, Lorna, and Cisco work hard on the case. They get food from René. He asks about a person named Mr. Kim and his role in the case. René tells them Mr. Kim came to the restaurant and acted like he was from the health department. He had access to the garage where Bondurant’s car was.

Mickey figures out that Mr. Kim could be the actual person who did the killing. He thought Bondurant might tell the FBI about Grant’s bad actions. Now, there’s one thing they need to find out – did Grant ask Mr. Kim to hurt Bondurant? Cisco goes to check, but he finds out that Mr. Kim is not around. Nobody has seen him for two days.

Mickey is worried they can’t prove anything without Mr. Kim. They already finished their case in court, so they need a lot of proof to reopen it.

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 episode 9 review

The latest episode of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 surprised us a lot. The story is getting more intense as the trial goes on. Lisa’s future is uncertain, and there’s a big rush to find Mr. Kim.

We’re all wondering if they can find Mr. Kim quickly and bring him to court. Grant’s decision to not talk suggests he might be trying to hide any proof. We’re worried that Mr. Kim might be in trouble, and this could mean bad things.

Mickey, the lawyer, has to think hard to figure out a plan to help Lisa. The finale is going to be full of excitement and surprising discoveries that fans can’t wait to see.

The show has done a great job of making us interested. We’ve been watching Lisa’s side of the story closely, and Mickey has been doing his best to help her. The trial has shown us some secrets and the reasons why things happened.

We’re all curious to know how Mickey will solve this tricky situation. Is Lisa really innocent? Or will the story take a different turn that we didn’t expect?

As we get ready for the last episode, one thing is clear, The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 has been exciting, and we can’t wait to see how it ends. With lots of drama in the courtroom and surprises waiting for us, fans are in for a fun time. We’re eager to see how everything finishes and how things will be made right.

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