Apple TV+’s Invasion season 2, episode 3 recap: “Fireworks”

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Invasion. Image courtesy Apple TV+. /

Invasion season 2 episode 3, titled “Fireworks,” takes us on a thrilling journey filled with suspense, revelations, and unexpected alliances. This action-packed episode continues to unravel the mysteries of the alien invasion and the human struggle to survive.

Let’s dive into the recap of this exciting installment.

Invasion season 2, episode 3 recap: Mistuki’s encounter with the alien force

The episode kicks off with Mistuki’s intriguing interaction with the enigmatic alien force. She has managed to discover a specific frequency range to communicate with it.

As she begins to walk away, an eerie feeling compels her to glance back, sensing that the force is keeping a watchful eye on her. Months of relentless research by the analysts have uncovered an intermittent signal emanating from the downed alien ship.

The signal follows a distinct pattern, allowing the analysts to predict its exact moments of transmission. While exploring the vicinity, Mitsuki witnesses a peculiar sight; the alien ship deploys its cloaking mechanism, rendering it nearly invisible.

Mitsuki’s keen observation leads her to a startling revelation, the signal aligns perfectly with a cubic spline, indicating that it’s an SOS call from the stranded aliens. They seek rescue from their mother ship, and Mitsuki’s prediction of a 5:32 evening signal proves accurate.

Invasion season 2, episode 3 recap: Mitsuki’s obsession and plan

Dr. Maya Castillo warns Mitsuki about the dangers of her obsession, but Mitsuki remains determined to seek revenge on the aliens, feeling responsible for Hinata’s death. Her breakthrough insight becomes a game-changer.

She proposes hacking into the mother ship’s system to deactivate the cloaking mechanism when carrier ships enter Earth’s atmosphere. Nikhil, driven by an unconventional perspective, is willing to take the risk, even if it means potential harm to human settlements.

He likens it to the Battle of Stalingrad, ready to sacrifice a few to save many. Nikhil presents his audacious plan to President Benya, suggesting the use of tactical nukes aimed at the sky for half an hour, followed by an attack on the decloaked mother ship.

Aware of the risks, President Benya faces opposition from military leaders. Nevertheless, she ultimately persuades them to proceed with Nikhil’s plan.

When the clock strikes 9:32, the carrier ships appear as predicted, and the nukes are launched, bringing down the mother ship. Remarkably, Eastern Russia experiences human casualties, while the other carrier ships crash into water bodies.

Invasion season 2, episode 3 recap: Trevante’s liberation

Meanwhile, Trevante remains confined in a holding cell, as the military’s transportation plan is canceled due to the emergency. Rose, a local and a witness to the military’s neglect of the missing townsfolk, tries to advocate for a rescue mission.

However, her efforts are in vain until Trevante’s desperation for a chance to fight the aliens sparks her empathy. He persuades Rose to retrieve a notebook from a locker, revealing Casper’s drawings featuring Tyson’s star symbol and cryptic numbers that match the dates when 37 locals vanished.

This discovery prompts Rose to release Trevante. In parallel, the Malik family is escorted to a safehouse by Clark and members of the Movement.

Aneesha, concerned for her family’s safety, hesitates to prolong their stay. During their journey, Clark receives a distress call from a trapped family in a ravine.

Invasion season 2, episode 3 recap: Ryder’s courage

Clark rushes to their aid, leaving the Maliks and his daughter, Ryder, in the car. When aliens attack the trapped family in the ravine, Ryder, defying danger, ventures out to assist.

Aneesha, fearing for their lives, decides to drive away, but Luke, recalling his father’s abandonment, insists on helping. As Luke confronts the approaching aliens, Aneesha is compelled to follow him, leaving Sarah alone in the car.

When the carrier ships are brought down, all the attacking aliens in the ravine perish. However, when the group returns to the car, Sarah is nowhere to be found, leaving her fate hanging in the balance.

“Fireworks,” the third episode of Invasion season 2, keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its gripping storyline, character developments, and unexpected twists.

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