AMC Fear the Walking Dead 8B Trailer: “You took everything from me”

Fear the Walking Dead 8B is coming in late October with many reunions coming along with it. There are a few more main characters who still have yet to know Madison is alive.

But there is one, presumed dead, that Madison will have to face from her past. With just 6 episodes to round out the series finale of Fear the Walking Dead, much will have to be unpacked in a short amount of time.

With the threat of Shrike long gone now, Madison has taken over PADRE, looking to make it something bigger. She’s got a long road of redemption before karma can swing back her way.

But she made a promise to Mo and to herself to reunite as many parents and children as she could. After all, she was the one that broke them apart.

Fear the Walking Dead season 8B key art

The biggest reunion everyone wants is Alicia and Madison. It would not be right to end the show without some kind of resolution there.

But for now, we will see the dynamic duo of Madison and Strand having one last stand. And if Charlie makes an appearance, will seeing her son’s murderer walk free be too much on her?

Could she revert to her old ways of revenge and anger?

In the trailer, Strand has caught himself in a situation where he must save his best friend or turn her in for his own freedom. Will Strand make another selfish move to save himself or will his heart overpower his wants?

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8B – Photo Credit: Seth F. Johnson/AMC

“I’m going to help you save PADRE.”

Whatever Victor’s endgame motive may be, he is there to help Madison keep the dream alive with PADRE. Luciana on the other hand, seems a little reluctant and Daniel is there with his army ready to attack at any given moment.

“The dead…they are his army.”

Once again Troy has an army of the dead as his protection. And he has not forgotten what Madison took from him.

Now he has come back to collect. It is an interesting turn of events.

Two people who are supposed to be dead are now back to finish off the same fight we all thought was over.

“Where is my daughter?”

“You took everything from me, I’m just doing the same for you,” Troy tells Madison as he kicks Alicia’s prosthetic arm to her. Has he ended Alicia’s life entirely so that there is no chance at that elusive reunion or is he just playing more mind games with Madison?

No matter what Troy did to Alicia, he is the man behind the mystery who could help Madison get to her. But Troy is never going to give in so easily, even if she were to give him PADRE.

“It can’t end like this,” Strand says at the end of the trailer. We are seeing a much different Strand than we saw last season.

He has more to fight for, especially with Madison back. If anyone knows what it’s like to make mistakes until you no longer recognize yourself, it’s Victor. But it’s not too late.

Everybody deserves a second chance. The trailer also shows Dwight and Sherry returning to their old stomping grounds of Virginia; to their old home and to The Sanctuary.

They may finally put their Negan trauma behind them. With any luck, these two can find their way back to each other.

Fear the Walking Dead will return on October 22, 9PM ET on AMC and AMC Plus (at 3AM ET) for one last ride. Will it be to the sunset or to the darkness?

You’ll find out a month from now.

Will you be watching Fear the Walking Dead season 8B? What are some of your predictions?

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