The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon: Carol Peletier returns in an enormous way

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 24 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier - The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 24 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC /

On The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon season 1 episode 5 “Deux Amours”, fans got to see a surprise cameo from the one and only Queen of The Walking Dead, Carol Peletier. The show opened the doors finally about the backstory that led Daryl Dixon to France, the one question we’ve been asking all season.

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The Carol fanbase is huge and extremely loyal. Nobody was more gutted by the news that Melissa McBride (Carol) would have to opt out of the Daryl and Carol show. We heard many reasons why in the past year, from Europe not being logistically attainable for Melissa to her needing a break.

But what was hindering the astonishing actress then, is not now. We are soon to see both Rick and Carol back in the thick of things in 2024 and all seems right with the world again.

The turmoil is over and it’s time to celebrate!

How did Daryl wind up in France?

While working for some fuel to get back home, Daryl finds himself in a dire situation of no return. But not before he was able to get through on the radio back home to Carol.

It wasn’t exactly what fans wanted for Carol’s return but that was merely the beginning. Daryl lets her know that he is on the coast of Maine and ready to return home.

He promises Carol he will be there in a week. So, you can only imagine how alarming it was for Carol to have weeks go by with no word from the person, who is as close to her as anybody.

Even in The Walking Dead season 11, Daryl only missed a lunch date, and she knew something was wrong (and she was right) and summoned the help of Mercer to go and rescue Daryl from Lance’s antics. Carol has a sixth sense when it comes to Daryl, just another reason people define them as soulmates.

There was some wavering in Carol’s voice that worried Daryl. She didn’t sound as okay as she wanted him to believe.

And at the end, there was some static on the radio that cut out what she was trying to tell him. If I had to guess, she was trying to tell him Rick was back.

Which would in turn make it easier to leave the kids and life at The Commonwealth to track him down. Last week showrunner David Zabel remained tight-lipped to EW on Carol’s return and if we would see her in the finale.

"“You’ll have to watch and see, but we love the character and we want to keep her in the world of the show.”"

Now this is on a much higher stage. Daryl may have found some solace in France at the Nest for now, but he is still in a dangerous situation.

Codron has let him go for now, but just for now. He has every intention of getting justice for his brother.

Genet and The Cause are not going to just let Laurent and Daryl live out their days happily ever after at the Nest. Daryl is shown stuck between a rock and a hard place in his final moments.

He’s so close to getting everything he wanted, and where he wanted to be. Just as he’s about to board his ship with a smile for his journey back home, in comes Laurent, again.

Walkers/Burners are starting to surround him, and Daryl has no choice but to turn back around and save this kid for the umpteenth time as the lyrics, “it takes a second to say goodbye” ring out. We saw that Daryl did not say goodbye to Laurent, so we may be getting a proper ending for those two before he’s back on his way across the Atlantic.

Jumping to the final moments of the season finale “Coming Home”, this was the moment fans had been waiting for. Will Carol return?

When will she return and how will that look? Well just as many fans predicted, Carol went to Maine to track Pookie down.

Will he still find a way to go back home after returning Laurent to safety? You’ll have to wait till season 2 to find out!

Seconds after Daryl’s contemplation is the moment that was the biggest payoff for fans of The Walking Dead. It truly was THE MOMENT.

TWD: Daryl Dixon: Carol’s return!

The awe-inspiring return of one of the most asked-about names in the world of TWDU. We see an older man on what looks like Daryl’s bike, with his hair flowing through the wind, as if he’s got no care in the world.

Trouble is soon coming when a light blue Mustang speeds its way towards him. The man breaks away, only to stop and shoot at the grill on the stang.

“Get out…I want to see your hands,” he tells whoever is behind the wheel. Where have we heard this before?

Now wait…those boots look familiar… Is it?

Yes! Carol rises from the car with her hands up.

She looks as if she’s ready to surrender but that’s not the Carol we know. Luckily this fool has no idea.

Carol often adapts to the weak woman in distress, but that facade doesn’t last long. “What the hell do you want lady?” the biker asks her.

“I don’t want any trouble…looking for a friend of mine. His name is Daryl Dixon.” “Never heard of no Dixon,” he replies without care.

“That’s his bike you’re riding,” she replies confidently. “Found it.”

“You sure about that?” Carol says in a snarky tone. “I’ve come a long way trying to track him down.”

“I guess you’ve got a long walk home, don’t you? After I have a look through your stuff, now move.” Carol was abiding, so I’m not sure why he had to rob her too.

But there are some questionable characters out on the East Coast. Carol steps aside but it doesn’t take long for the audience to sense her next move is coming.

After all, Carol’s taken down far worse and in bigger numbers. She backs up gingerly to open the trunk of the car when he asks her to and that is the moment where he went wrong.

Carol watches him rummage through the trunk and slyly slips a large wrench from inside the sleeve of her leather jacket. In one quick motion, she bashes the biker over the head, and he falls into the trunk.

Pretty light work for Carol but it was the bad@$$ moment we were all looking forward to from the force of nature herself. In seconds the Queen has him tied up and in the trunk.

Carol pokes the biker with his gun and questions where he got that bike. And oh, how the tide changes.

His attitude of course took a 180. He admits he traded for the bike from some dudes camped down the road a few miles back.

He tells her to go right when she sees an old gas station. “If you’re lying, I won’t be back,” she tells him before shutting the trunk on him.

If she does come back, he should be counting his lucky stars. He had no problem robbing a lady blind before he knew who she was.

He’d do it again and it may not have such a fortunate outcome.

Welcome to Freeport

Carol jumps on Daryl’s bike and takes off with it naturally, like she’d been doing it all her life as the closing song plays again…”It takes a second to say goodbye.”

How will Carol Peletier get to France?

It is the big question now. She will have to retrace Daryl’s steps along the way.

I don’t see Carol being thrown on any prisoner ships and having to escape and float her way onto shore. That’s not her style and it didn’t even make sense the first time it happened for Daryl.

If we know anything about Carol and Daryl, it’s that nothing stops them from getting to each other and protecting each other. They’ve always been the ‘will they won’t they’ ship, but I think first and foremost you have to admit the deep connection and bond these two share.

It’s unbreakable and not even an ocean between them will fracture it. All they’ve ever wanted out of each other is for the other to be safe and find happiness and peace.

We know as an audience that Daryl has gotten himself into some big messes. First unknowingly with Genet when he escaped the ship and left an aftermath of damage.

Then with Codron who believes he is responsible for killing his brother and is going to stop at nothing to seek justice, whether his brother deserved it or not. Because of the recording Codron was able to get his hands on, they know more about Daryl than they should, and where he’s from.

That may not bode well for things back home. Especially just as Genet is gathering up more goons to track down Daryl herself.

And nobody wants to find Daryl harder than Carol does. She may come to Paris and eliminate the threat they pose to Daryl’s life in season 2.

What I would love to see is a journey across the Atlantic we’ve never seen before. I think I speak for the fandom when I say we’ve seen enough water.

Carol coming to France differently or maybe even several ways; planes, trains, ships, automobiles. That would be right down Carol’s alley and show that she will get to her best friend and soulmate by any means necessary.

No obstacle is too great for the Empress of The Walking Dead. Season 2 will now be named The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon-The Book of Carol.

It is now time for Carol’s Parisian expedition to take flight. The fanbase is more than exhilarated to witness the path that leads her there.

It also brings a very enchanting vibe to the story between Carol and Daryl. She is probably the only person who would cross an entire ocean just to make sure he is okay.

These two know each other on a much deeper level than they know anyone else. A connection that symbolizes the depth of the ocean.

Not to mention that no matter how many connections Daryl has made, his priority is fulfilling the promise he made to Carol. It’s the driving force behind his unshakable determination to get home to the most important person to him.

When Carol does arrive in France, that becomes a game changer because that’s his home coming to him. It will be a tidal wave of emotions when these two reunite again.

What’s just as exciting is the buildup this season will lay out of their journey back together. Carol will bring twice the comedy and twice the firepower.

France will never be able to prepare itself for the Terminator Inferno Queen that she is. And no force will ever be able to stand in her way when it comes to Daryl Dixon.

See you next season, the fun has just begun!

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