The Winter King season 1, episode 7 recap: For Love, Damn it All!


In season 1 episode 7 of The Winter King, Arthur and his friends prepare for a wedding at Powys, taking place in a few days. King Gorfydd impresses Arthur with his open-mindedness.

Derfel has a revealing encounter, stirring up memories of his past. Arthur struggles with his feelings for Lady Guinevere and navigates a complicated situation.

Meanwhile, plots and tensions unfold among the characters, leading to unexpected twists.

The Winter King season 1, episode 7 recap: Wedding plans and haunting memories

Season 1 episode 7 unfolds with Arthur and his companions stationed at Powys. Their wait for the impending full moon, just three days away, is to solemnize the wedding.

Hitherto, King Gorfydd has been an exceptional host, displaying unexpected inclinations towards foreign cultures and a surprising tolerance for Christianity, impressing Arthur. Contrastingly, Derfel stumbles upon a revelation during an encounter with Ladwys in the garden.

Tasked by Arthur, Derfel had been gathering medicinal fruit for an ointment to tend to Lady Guinevere’s horse. Notably, Ladwys possesses a hand knife reminiscent of the one once belonging to Derfel’s mother.

This evokes memories of Gundeleus casting him into the pit of death during his youth and rekindles thoughts of his mother’s tragic fate: sold into slavery by Gundeleus. Returning to Arthur’s perspective, he strives to extend kindness and consideration towards his betrothed, Princess Ceinwyn.

However, he grapples with persistent thoughts of Lady Guinevere. Ceinwyn’s announcement that Lady Guinevere is accompanying them to Caer Cadarn shakes Arthur to his core.

King Gorfydd astutely observes the simmering sexual tension between Arthur and Lady Guinevere. Nevertheless, he dismisses it as a non-issue for his daughter.

Arthur takes heed and attempts to distance himself from Lady Guinevere. He confides in Derfel, who divulges his past encounters with Gundeleus.

Arthur commends Derfel’s restraint, urging him to persist, prioritizing peace and avoiding provocation. Derfel is dispatched to the stables to deliver the ointment to Lady Guinevere’s horse, but she declines, yearning to see Arthur and expressing discontent at his delegation to one of his men.

The Winter King season 1, episode 7 recap: King Gorfydd and divine calling

Subsequently, the princess inquires of Lady Guinevere’s sentiments towards Arthur, to which she pleads unfamiliarity with Arthur’s character. The princess discloses her own favorable opinion of Arthur, contemplating the potential success of their marriage, distinctly preferable to the initially intended union with Gundeleus.

The Winter King season 1, episode 7 recap: For Love, Damn it All!
Photo : Copyright © Simon Ridgway 2022 – – – 07973 442527 | Caption : 28.09.22 – The Winter King S1, Block 1 Day 55.Sc.2/19, 2/20, 2/22 : EXT. AVALON – DERFEL & HYWEL see GUNDLEUS & men approach the Tor. GUNDLEUS asks to see MORDRED. DEFEL sees what’s about to happen but is too late. DERFEL sees the mayhem as it unfolds. /

Simultaneously, Bishop Bedwin imparts details about Saint Patrick’s letters to Sansum, prompting contemplation regarding King Gorfydd’s divine summons. Bishop Bedwin questions the wisdom of venturing to Ratae to commence conversions, pondering whether the King’s tolerance for Christians serves to instill hope against the Saxons or stems from a divine calling.

Regardless, they opt for caution. Meanwhile, Gundeleus and Cawdys conspire, channeling their ambitions.

Gundeleus harbors resentment towards King Gorfydd for embracing Arthur, while Cawdys advises feigned compliance, foreseeing their ascendancy to the throne of Siluria upon marriage. In parallel, King Gorfydd endeavors to find Lady Guinevere a suitable husband among Arthur’s men, deeming it necessary for her journey to Caer Cadarn.

Lanval, a warrior in Arthur’s retinue, steps forward, initiating courtship. This development displeases Arthur, his envy thinly veiled, as love, like a cough, cannot be concealed.

Eventually, they share an impassioned kiss in the stables, heedless of the potential repercussions from King Gorfydd. That very night, Derfel confronts Ladwys, demanding the return of his mother’s knife.

Ladwys, now aware of Derfel’s survival of Gundeleus’ death pit, relinquishes the hand knife. Meanwhile, a discord brews between King Gorfydd and Gundeleus.

Gundeleus is incensed by King Gorfydd’s dismissal of his efforts, revealing his raid on Avalon, escalating the violence beyond the King’s intentions.

The Winter King season 1, episode 7 recap: Marriage and confessions

Having been shunned by his uncle, Gundeleus vents his fury to Ladwys, who admonishes caution in light of Derfel’s survival. Fearful of Derfel seeking revenge, she warns Gundeleus to avoid a confrontation.

In Arthur’s domain, he confides in Bishop Bedwin about his lack of affection for Princess Ceinwyn, contemplating the need to call off the wedding. Bishop Bedwin reiterates the marriage’s objective—ensuring the kingdom’s peace, superseding personal feelings.

He implores Arthur to adhere to the plan. Swiftly, Princess Ceinwyn discerns Arthur’s affection for Lady Guinevere, proposing a shared arrangement and urging Lady Guinevere to become Arthur’s mistress.

Lady Guinevere declines, persuading the princess to proceed with her marriage to Arthur, vowing loyalty. She then advocates for Arthur to marry the princess, attempting to divert his feelings.

Their conversation is interrupted by Gundeleus, attempting to harm Derfel and failing. Subsequently, Arthur confides in the princess, revealing his true feelings.

Prepared to annul the wedding and elucidate the situation to King Gorfydd, he faces the princess’s apprehension, fearing her father’s wrath and evoking memories of her mother’s demise. She implores Arthur to flee with Lady Guinevere.

Promptly, Arthur gathers his people, including Lady Guinevere, and absconds in the dead of night. Before reaching Dummonia, Arthur and Lady Guinevere are united in matrimony.

Bishop Bedwin dissents against Arthur’s choice and departs for Ratae. The episode concludes with Gundeleus and King Gorfydd reconciling, contemplating future endeavors.

King Gorfydd contemplates whether Gundeleus should marry Princess Ceinwyn and plots his vengeance against Arthur.

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