The Santa Clauses are coming back to town this November for season 2!

The Santa Clauses, released Nov. 16 on Disney+
The Santa Clauses, released Nov. 16 on Disney+ /

They are making a list and checking it twice…  The Santa Clauses are coming back to town, practically immediately after Halloween.

Arriving to Disney Plus on November 8, The Santa Clauses season 2 will return to bring the Christmas cheer! The charming and imaginative TV show keeps The Santa Clause tale going with Santa/Scott Calvin, Mrs. Claus/Carol, and their children Cal and Sandra.

The family lives in the North Pole where Christmas is their mindsight and duty 24/7. In all three Santa Clause films, audiences learn that being Santa isn’t easy, especially when you are a father.

Even with the help of the elves and a rigorous schedule, there is a lot of pressure for the one man who guarantees joy and happiness for children across the globe one day out of the entire year. In the season 2 trailer, Santa makes it clear that the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, because we share it with our families and loved ones.

What happens in The Santa Clauses season 2 trailer?

Which is why he wants to keep the role of Santa Claus in the family. This naturally means that Cal will begin his Santa training.

By the looks of it, he could definitely use some training and a lot of help. But what Santa doesn’t see coming is the antagonist of the season, the original Santa Claus.

Where has he been all this time? Why is he suddenly here?

We don’t really know. What we do know is that he believes Scott isn’t the rightful Santa Claus.

The original Santa Claus will seek his revenge and reclaim what he believes belongs to him. It looks like we got ourselves a good ol’ classic ‘heir to the throne’ scenario about to play out.

How will the original Santa’s presence affect the story and Christmas? Will Cal be able to step up and prove he is the next heir to Santa’s sleigh?

Eric Stonestreet as the original Santa Magnus Antas and Gabriel “FLUFFY!!!” Iglesias will be joining the cast, which includes the acting talents of Tim Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell, Austin Kane and Elizabeth Allen-Dick.

Catch up on The Santa Clauses season 1 on Disney Plus.

The North Pole is about to be full of family, magic, and a few bumps along the way. 🎅

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