MGM Plus: Beacon 23 first look at the official trailer and poster

Beacon 23. Image courtesy MGM+
Beacon 23. Image courtesy MGM+ /

Beacon 23 is set to be the new sci-fi thriller to watch on streaming, when season 1 is released on November 12. Created and executive-produced by Zakk Penn, the series centers around a lighthouse in space.

It is positioned at a strategic location on the fringes of the galaxy, so passing ships can safely navigate around anomalies like black holes. More than just shades of Ari Aster’s The Lighthouse in space, the series looks like it’s a unique mystery thriller starring Lena Headey and Stephan James (best known for Homecoming).

Showrunner Penn is known for his work on Marvel movies like X-Men: The Last Stand and The Incredible Hulk, and he also co-created the Alphas series on Syfy.

Beacon 23
Beacon 23. Image courtesy MGM+ /

Beacon 23 was originally ordered in 2020, produced by Boat Rocker studios for Spectrum Originals and AMC Networks. But MGM+ has since picked up the series after “Spectrum moved out of original programming and AMC Networks has scaled back its own originals.”

According to reports, the surprise move came after a second season for Beacon 23 had already been ordered by Spectrum executives, just three months into season 1’s filming. But now the series is out of development limbo and Penn is confident they’ve found their new streaming home.

What is Beacon 23 about?

The series is based on a Hugh Howey book, about a future where intergalactic beacons take the place of the lighthouses of yore. In the 23rd century, space travel for humanity has become normal, yet the job of manning a beacon is no less lonely and isolated.

On one of these many network’s of beacons that allow ships to safely navigate around the Milky Way, stoic ex-military man and beacon keeper Halan (Stephan James), crosses paths with the marooned pilot Aster (Headey). They end up trapped together when the beacon is raided by pirates and mysteriously breaks down.

Season 1 is ripe with inter-character drama and geopolitical space conflict, with flashbacks about the history of why this lighthouse is unique among the network’s postings. James ably portrays Halan, the keeper of our beacon, as a tormented and brooding man, who’s gotten used to living in solitude beside a black hole at the edge of the universe.

Headey is the monkey wrench thrown into his routine, her presence and mysterious origins causes him to doubt his sanity, despite revelations that they are both haunted by the secrets of their past. Author Hugh Howey is on a roll, with his book Wool recently adapted and released as premium successful streaming series Silo, starring Rebecca Ferguson.

Beacon 23 looks to continue the author’s win streak as the series appears like it carries Howey’s signature sci-fi thriller packaged as a mystery; something that’s both engaging to audiences and marked as excellent to critics. Stay updated on Show Snob as we recap and review Beacon 23 season 1.

For now, just take a look at the very snazzy trailer.

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Beacon 23 premieres on MGM+ on November 12.