Apple TV+’s Invasion season 2, episode 7 recap: “Down the Rabbit Hole”

Invasion. Image courtesy Apple TV+.
Invasion. Image courtesy Apple TV+. /

In the exciting Invasion season 2 episode 7 titled, “Down the Rabbit Hole,” we follow Trevante on an emotional journey full of surprises and revelations. When he meets Rose, their mission to uncover the mysteries behind their town’s missing residents begins.

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of unexpected twists and turns, as we delve into this action-packed plot to see what Trevante and Rose are up to!

Invasion season 2, episode 7 recap: A cryptic map and a license plate

The episode starts with Trevante, who finds Rose working on a puzzling map. Rose believes this map holds clues about the missing people.

She gets excited when she spots a number on the map, which is related to a license plate owned by a guy named Ben Shelton. This connection could be vital.

Trevante deciphers one of the map’s doodles, adding coordinates that lead them to Ben’s farm. They rush to the farm but are shocked to find it heavily guarded by the military.

They manage to sneak past the guards and discover a massive pit. Something big is about to be revealed.

Just when things get tense, a new character named Billy enters the scene. Trevante and Rose escape the military and find refuge with Marlene, who surprisingly happens to be Rose’s sister-in-law.

Rose opens up to Marlene about her quest to find Billy, her missing husband. We learn that Rose was about to divorce Billy just before he disappeared.

Invasion season 2, episode 7 recap: The French connection

Meanwhile, in France, a group of kids, led by Caspar, explores an abandoned hospital. They are trying to figure out what’s happening to them.

Caspar seems to be struggling with memory loss. They discover they were part of a strange experiment and follow a mysterious map to another lab.

As the kids explore, they encounter more strange beings. Caspar’s struggle with his abilities puts them in a risky situation, but they manage to regroup and stay safe.

Later, a heartfelt moment between Caspar and Jamila creates some jealousy. In a different subplot, Aneesha and Clark decide to go undercover at Camp Pierce.

Their plan is met with skepticism from their group, but Aneesha’s inspirational speech changes their minds.

They launch a daring operation and discover information about Sarah’s whereabouts. Oddly, Trevante finds himself inside the same base where Sarah is being held.

Alongside Rose, he witnesses Sarah’s arrival and the arrival of an alien artifact.

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