Will our heroes prevail in LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red?

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The latest LEGO Disney Plus special decides to step away from the Star Wars franchise and to Marvel a try. In LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red, our heroes must defeat The Collector, who has been capturing heroes and villains for his newest collection.

The Marvel special does not follow the current MCU timeline, even though Sam Wilson’s Captain America and Red Guardian are present. Believe it or not, that is mostly what makes this Marvel special so much fun!

Audiences get to see a variety of Marvel heroes and villains interact with each other in ways we haven’t seen yet in live-action form. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Let’s talk about what makes LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red a success and worth watching!

What happens in the LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red special?

The Marvel special begins with the citizens of New York City under attack by the dreaded Red Skull and Hydra agents. Our heroes, the Avengers, consisting of Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, the Hulk, and both Captain Americas (Sam Wilson and Steven Rogers), arrive to save the day with a little music.

When Black Widow has Red Skull in her sights, her father, Red Guardian, arrives. His overabundance of love and willingness to help causes Black Widow to get distracted and thus Red Skull escapes.

However, it’s not long before he is captured by a mysterious machine. After the victory, the Avengers team decides to bowl back at the Avengers homebase, where Black Widow remains undefeated.

That is until her father distracts her once again. This time Black Widow loses her patience and scolds her father.

After she and Tony/Iron Man have a heart to heart over the situation, Black Widow attempts to reconcile with her father when he is captured as well. As the group tries to figure out what is going on, Black Panther arrives and believes he may have found a clue or two.

Thus far the evidence seems to follow a pattern where Marvel heroes and villains with the color Red in their name, are missing. This leads the group to seek Red She-Hulk, the Hulk’s ex-girlfriend.

She has not been captured yet but is busy smashing a Western town in seemingly the middle of nowhere, as you apparently do if you are a Hulk. She and Black Widow barely have a moment to discuss the issue at hand, as well as Black Widow’s father-daughter issues, when The Collector and his robots arrives.

Even though the Avengers fight them off, Red She-Hulk is captured. We learn that The Collector is always looking to create new collections and has begun capturing living beings in the form of Marvel heroes and villains.

Currently he is creating his Red Collection, which consists of Red Guardian, Omega Red, Red She-Hulk and Red Ghost to name a few. The Collector is so obsessed with collecting, that he outrightly destroys anything he deems that cannot be repaired.

He has to have a perfect and mint condition collection. Our heroes now turn to Wolverine, who, yes, is disturbed while residing on a deserted island having lunch.

He is able to pick up Red She-Hulk’s scent and the group arrives to the abandoned Mom’s Diner. They fall through a secret passaged beneath them, where they are all separated and cleaned.

Wolverine and the Hulk are classified as animals and wind up in the Wendigo cage, Iron Man and Black Panther are classified as robots and sent to recycling, leaving the rest of our heroes classified as humans and sent to The Collector. As The Collector explains his plan, revealing that he also captured the one and only Santa Claus, much to Steven’s horror, Black Widow figures out a way to defeat the crazed villain.

A lot of his captured possessions belong in more than one collection, meaning no collection will ever be perfect and complete. This distraction works allowing all of our heroes to reunite and start freeing The Collector’s collections.

This includes Santa Claus, who kicks a lot of bad guy butt! In the midst of the fighting, Black Widow rescues her dad, with the two successfully communicate how they both feel.

Angered and aggravated to see his collections are ruined, The Collector flees Earth. Our heroes celebrate another successful victory together, where hopefully Wolverine can shake off Omega Red, who won’t leave him alone.

Thankfully Black Widow and Red Guardian can grow an even stronger father-daughter bond. This was an absolute upgrade of a LEGO special compared to LEGO Star Wars: Summer Vacation.

Although I would have preferred more humor and jokes that got more than a chuckle or two, it was a joy to see so many Marvel characters share the screen. Maybe one day we’ll see a live action Wolverine join the Hulk in a mission, but we won’t be able to see both Captain Americas together.

Seeing Black Widow and Red Guardian have an actual healthy father-daughter relationship was heartwarming, but we’ll never see her interact with the Avengers again in live-action form. With all that said, this LEGO special had a lot of charm and fun to it.

I can see families coming together to enjoy something wholesome and entertaining, perhaps while building a LEGO set or two. I look forward to the next LEGO special!

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