The Santa Clauses season 2, episode 2 recap “Floofy”

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Now that Santa wants Cal to be the next Santa Claus, the other legendary holiday figures have something to say about it. In The Santa Clauses season 2 episode 2, Cal begins his Santa training while Sandra discovers something new about herself.

Meanwhile, Kris and Mad Santa hang out and the elves struggle to hide the secret of his existence.

The Santa Clauses season 2, episode 2 recap – The Santa situation

Santa Claus decides to make it known at his meeting with the elves that Cal will begin his training to become the next Santa. His wife Mrs. Claus, will begin an investigation into the missing nutcracker and the missing page from a Santa historical records book.

As we recall, Noel ripped out the page about Magnus Atas and burned it in the fireplace. Unfortunately for Santa, the other holiday figureheads are aware of Santa’s intentions and aren’t pleased…even though they promised not to meddle in each other’s business.

Cupid, as the messenger, explains that Cal will have three months to prove he’s ready, otherwise the holiday figureheads will intervene. Cal, who is ever so excited to be the next Santa, struggles with the first round of training.

But he’s supportive girlfriend Riley is there to cheer him on…much to Santa’s dismay. As far as first loves go, Cal and Riley already share the same nickname for each other, “Floofy”, the title of the episode.

While Santa trains Cal, Sandra struggles with her new powers and visits La Befana, the Italian witch who delivers gifts to children on Epiphany Eve. Sandra is able to use her powers when she’s angry, leading La Befana to believe she may be a witch.

Considering she and Cal are the first children born in the North Pole, there are endless possibilities. She however won’t train Sandra unless she tells her parents; La Befana wants to keep her good relationship with Santa.

Sandra attempts to ask her parents about hanging out with La Befana, without addressing the reason as to why. Through miscommunication her teenage frustrations cause more harm than good.

Frankly neither Santa nor Mrs. Claus know how to deal with a teenage daughter. But by the end of the episode Sandra and Santa are able to communicate, where she shares that she may be a witch and her father reminds her how much he loves her, no matter what.

The Santa Clauses season 2, episode 2 recap – The missing nutcracker

It’s become very apparent to both Santa and Mrs. Claus that the elves have been acting differently ever since the wooden nutcracker and Magnus Atas were mentioned. What Santa can’t figure out is why he never heard of Magnus Atas before.

It doesn’t take long for Mrs. Claus to figure out that Gary, previous head of the E.L.F.S, both isn’t good at his job (all security cameras are facing La Befana’s home, as he can’t cope with the one failed date they had in the past) and has been hiding evidence of the missing nutcracker. Considering this is a family-friendly show, Gary will most likely not face legal consequences for his actions.

More about Magnus Atas comes to light where the elves reveal that he was a Santa residing in Europe, hated how humans misused the magic, which caused him to flee to the North Pole with a plethora of magical creatures. Add to it Magnus Atas began listening to the gnomes instead of the elves.

The elves nervously exclude the whole “Mad Santa” bit, although it was when Magnus Atas was in charge that Noel and Betty met for the first time. Things were getting so bad that Noel had suggested to Betty that they leave.

But we still don’t know how the elves were able to stop Mad Santa and the gnomes.

The Santa Clauses season 2, episode 2 recap – Mad Santa’s dilemma

Speaking of Mad Santa, he’s been palling around with Kris and learning about the current human world. Although Kris is oblivious to Magnus Atas’ threats and abrasive behavior, he is shaken up by Olga, a gnome who also got trapped in the wooden nutcracker.

She wants to destroy the human world and seek revenge while Magnus Atas wants to relax, let everything go and move on. Well, that is until he notices how unappreciative people, especially children, can be.

Let’s be honest here, this is a tale as old as time when it comes to Christmas movies and television. Yes, times change, people change, the world changes, but that doesn’t mean every person or child for that matter, are selfish and unable to see the bigger picture.

The final straw for Mad Santa is when he learns that the gifts he’s been handing out to the park guests have been tossed into the trash. He’s ready to seek revenge starting with taking back the North Pole.

The Santa Clauses season 2, episode 2 review

Upon watching the second episode of the new season, I came to a great realization. This is exactly the kind of show I needed to be watching at this particular moment.

Season 2 was perfectly released on Disney Plus, as the holidays are fast approaching and Loki season 2 just concluded. Although I do not consider myself an avid TV show watcher, the ones I do watch tend to be heavy hitting, like The Walking Dead, Loki, Good Omens etc.

Being able to sit back and enjoy 30-minute episodes of easy to digest material, from cute humor to heartfelt moments, all present with a warm Christmas-theme in the background, has been most enjoyable for me. There are no difficult or tragic plots to contend with, no outrageous fight scenes, not even real drama because let’s face it, even if Mad Santa arrives to the North Pole, we all know that in the end, our Santa will win with the help of his family.

Don’t get me wrong, many shows, including the ones I mentioned, have wonderful stories, humor and teach a lot of important life lessons. But it’s nice to have something to watch that is 100% wholesome, 100% of the time from time to time.

The Santa Clauses season 2 is turning out to be the perfect show to watch as 2023 slowly comes to a close. Its unintentionally making me reflect on the year as a whole and how prevalent magic can be in our day to day lives.

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The Santa Clauses season 2, episode 3 will air on Disney Plus on November 15.