Ted series on Peacock TV drops teaser and release date

If you liked the two Ted movies from the late 2010s, then boy does Seth MacFarlane have a sweet surprise for all you vulgar teddy bear fans. The new series has indeed wrapped filming and recently dropped a trailer, plus its first season’s release date on Peacock for early 2024.

According to a report from Variety, the series will reprise the role of Seth McFarlane voicing the foul-mouthed yet steadfastly loyal brown teddy bear. MacFarlane also fulfills roles as a director, writer, co-showrunner and executive producer of this series.

In the events that unfolded in the first Ted in 2012, then in 2015’s Ted 2 sequel, the bear became a living fuzzy plushie after his young owner John Bennet wished that he and his bear could be best friends for life.

Ted creator Seth MacFarlane

NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 24: Seth McFarlane attends the “Ted 2” world premiere at Ziegfeld Theater on June 24, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Donna Ward/Getty Images)

What will the Ted series be about?

This being an origin story, the Ted series on Peacock will feature the teddy bear’s life with the young adult and teenage John, as he navigates life growing up in a small town in Massachusetts with his best friend and the rest of the Bennet family. Max Burkholder (The Purge), will play young John, Scott Grimes stars as the Bennet patriarch Matty, Alanna Ubach plays his mother Susan, and Giorgia Whigham stars as cousin Blaire, a relative rooming with them while she’s a student in a neighboring college.

The series will take place in the 1990s, in fact beginning in 1993 as the teaser trailer indicates, featuring the young bear penning a letter to his future self, daydreaming of all the sci-fi dreams that have likely come to life by then. Fans can expect the same foul-mouthed and transgressive humor (well, maybe a bit less now) that marked the two movies.

Now as a coming-of-age story with best friends, Ted and John go through the ups and downs of high school, except with “more bong rips and a lot more stuffing”, according to Peacock’s tweet, in the town of Framingham. I am stoked to watch 90s era Ted play through the nostalgia and the atmosphere of that time.

Ted will premiere all 7 episodes on January 11, 2024 on Peacock. Watch the first teaser below:

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