Disney Plus: Who is La Befana in The Santa Clauses?

The Santa Clauses on Disney+ Nov. 16.
The Santa Clauses on Disney+ Nov. 16. /

If you have been watching the new season of the Disney Plus series The Santa Clauses or watching season 1 to catch up and understand season 2 (like me), you’ll notice the appearance of several holiday figureheads. Sure, practically everyone has heard of Cupid and the Easter Bunny, but what about La Befana?

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Truthfully, I feel as though I missed out on the Christmas witch growing up, especially considering a majority of my heritage is Italian. Although La Befana has been a character since The Santa Clauses season 1 and has had some exposition, I figured why not dive a little deeper into her lore.

Firstly, La Befana resembles a witch but isn’t necessarily one. Her role in the holiday of Christmas follows the story of how the Three Kings or Wise Men came to her doorstep on their way to visit baby Jesus.

She housed them for the night but declined to join them on their journey, as she was busy keeping a tidy home. However, she changes her mind and has since been trying to find the baby Jesus.

The Santa Clauses: La Befana the Christmas witch

On the night of January 5, the eve of the Feast of Epiphany, she will visit the homes of children in Italy, entering through a chimney, much like Santa Claus. Good children receive toys and treats whereas bad ones receive coal and garlic.

She may even sweep the floors before moving onto another home. How sweet is that?

La Befana’s roots may have come from the Roman goddess Sabine, however the good Christmas witch’s appearance continues to take on that of a grandmotherly woman. In The Santa Clauses, La Befana is a witch and has been training Sandra, Santa’s daughter, who seems to possess magical abilities.

Abilities and powers so strong that Sandra accidentally turns the Easter Bunny into a real bunny. Naturally this comes at the worst time due to the return of Mad Santa AKA: Magnus Antas and the quickly approaching Easter holiday.

We’d love to know what you think of La Befana and if you grew up expecting her yearly visit. The Santa Clauses season 2 episode 4 airs on Disney Plus Wednesday, November 22.

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