The Santa Clauses season 2, episode 5 recap “B-E-T-T-Y”

The Santa Clauses. Image courtesy Disney/James Clark
The Santa Clauses. Image courtesy Disney/James Clark /

With only one episode left of The Santa Clauses season 2, Santa finally learns the full story about Mad Santa, while Cal attempts to retrieve his Santa in training vest. However, Cal’s action could cost him, Kris, and his Santa theme park.

The Santa Clauses season 2, episode 5 recap – The full story of Mad Santa

After seeing Mad Santa on television alongside Kris, who was interviewed regarding his Santa theme park revival, Betty returns to the North Pole early. There Santa is still appearing like Scott, feeling off since the snowball attack from Mad Santa.

Thankfully it is only temporary, and he quickly becomes Santa again. Upon Betty’s return to the North Pole, she finally tells the full story of Mad Santa.

Story goes that Mad Santa was once a great Santa, who began to get frustrated with greedy humans and decides to listen to the gnomes over the elves. Although sending bad kids coal seems harmless, his ultimate plan is to turn those naughty children into nutcrackers.

Unable to stand by and allow this to happen, Betty, Noel and a handful of elves decides to fight back. Although they cannot get help from the Legendary’s (the Easter Bunny, Mother Nature etc.), La Befana decides to help them anyway.

She provides them with a bag of items from each Legendary, which enables them to get the upper hand on Mad Santa. After setting up a trap on both him and Olga, La Befana decides to leave the Legendary’s in order to help the elves (Legendary’s cannot harm each other).

She turns the Mad Santa into a nutcracker with Olga trapped inside as well. However, Mad Santa remembers each elf who turned on him, which could spell trouble for them later.

Due to this act, Betty agrees to leave her position, however Santa wants her to remain.

The Santa Clauses season 2, episode 5 recap – Cal’s mission

When Cal realizes he lost the Santa in training vest, he tries to clear his mind to figure out where it went. In the process he finds out that Mad Santa has it.

Cal lies to Sandra, claiming the vest is with La Befana. After the events from the previous episode, Sandra isn’t too keen on seeing her, but she goes anyway.

Although the vest isn’t there, the two talk it out and rekindle their friendship, even though the Easter Bunny is now some fruit. But everything changes when Sandra learns Cal lied and left the North Pole.

He took the sleigh and two reindeer to the Chicago area. Upon his arrival he meets Kris, Mad Santa and Olga.

Once Mad Santa threatens to harm Cal, Kris is ready to call everything quits but both he and Cal are duct taped to the wall. Angered by Cal’s confidence in his father and disrespect towards his reign, Mad Santa turns him into a toy.

However, the process makes him lose so much power he can barely stand. Mad Santa needs his amulet that he lost the day he was turned into a nutcracker.

Once he has that amulet, all of his powers will be restored.

The Santa Clauses season 2, episode 5 recap – Return to sender

Once Sandra tells Santa and Mrs. Claus that Cal left, they panic. Unfortunately, they cannot leave the North Pole as Santa had ordered that the teleportation between the North Pole and Earth to be closed prior to Cal leaving.

It can several hours to reopen. Without any other options, Santa and Mrs. Claus decide to visit the mail room and transport themselves through the mail tunnels.

Even though this has never been attempted before, they decide to risk it, stamping Return to sender on a letter. Together they are magically transported, as the episode comes to a close.

The Santa Clauses season 2, episode 5 review

Let’s be honest, did we expect anything less to happen to Cal. We know he means well but…oh boy, he just handed Mad Santa practically everything he needed to get to the North Pole (Santa’s sleigh and two reindeer). I’m beginning to suspect that Sandra will be the one to defeat Mad Santa by using the transformation spell.

Considering she’s been having doubts, feeling especially worried she’ll only make things worse, it will most likely be up to her to save everyone and turn Mad Santa into either another nutcracker or something else. With that said, this episode was far better than the previous one.

We finally get the full story about Mad Santa, even though it does make us concerned for the elves he will seek revenge upon. Will the season 2 finale end on a cliffhanger with some of the elves in danger or inanimate objects themselves?

How will Santa defeat Mad Santa? And where is that amulet?

Either I’m oblivious or the show really hasn’t given any clues to its whereabouts. I look forward to the conclusion of season 2 and hope that season 3 will be greenlit!

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The Santa Clauses season 2, episode 6 will air on Disney Plus on December 6.