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The season 1 finale of Yu Yu Hakusho delivers a thrilling and epic conclusion full of heart and bravery. Yusuke’s battle with the younger Toguro brother takes the forefront, as the opening between the Human and Demon World threatens the very existence of humanity.

Will Yusuke win this seemingly impossible battle?

Yu Yu Hakusho season 1, episode 5 recap – Yusuke vs Toguro

Yusuke’s fight with the younger Toguro brother is undoubtedly both exciting and hard to watch at the same time. As I mentioned previously, one of the incredible aspects of this show is seeing the characters and events come to life.

Even though a majority of what we’re watching is CGI, its more realistic than something hand drawn. So as we’re watching Yusuke get pummeled by this gigantic Yokai, we start to lose hope that he’ll win.

We know deep down Yusuke will win and survive, as this show won’t end with the bad guys winning but my goodness was this crazy to watch. Anyway, as Yusuke battles Toguro, the portal that connects the Human and Demon World opens.

Koenma quickly creates a barrier to prevent any Yokai from escaping and visits Sakyo personally, where a bet is made. If Toguro wins, the portal remains open, if Yusuke wins the portal will be closed and Sakyo will end his life to ensure he never attempts to reopen it again.

Although Yusuke is able to fight, he’s no match for Toguro. Not even with the help of Kurama and Hiei.

No, things take a far worse turn when Kuwabara, Keiko and Yukina mistakenly make their way to the arena. Kuwabara, able to use the Spirit Sword seemed to have defeated the older Toguro brother by simply cutting him up.

However, the Yokai is able to put himself back together and a wild, terrifying chase ensues. When the three arrive to the arena, the older Toguro brother let’s it slip that his brother killed Genkai.

Yu Yu Hakusho season 1, episode 5 recap – The backstory

Now things get a little bit more interesting. The older Toguro brother explains that years ago Genkai and his younger brother studied martial arts together.

However, as the years passed, she became old, whereas Toguro remained young by making a deal with the Demon World. Yes, Toguro was once human.

However, the strength he obtained is not natural strength and he had to witness all of his fellow friends and martial artists get eaten alive by a Yokai. This is the horrific opening sequence of the episode.

His inability to save them has haunted him since. This has been a reccuring theme throughout the show with Yusuke, Kuwabara and now Toguro.

Where Toguro sees friends and loved ones as a weakness and means of holding someone back, Yusuke views it as strength. Angered with the way his older brother spoke of Genkai and his reasoning for killing her, the young brother kills him swiftly.

Random…but I’m glad he’s gone! Using Genkai’s Spirit Wave Orb, Yusuke makes, what one would assume to be, a killing blow sending Toguro into the very ground under the arena.

However, it’s still not enough. Toguro decides to use his full strength, in which just snapping his finger causes enough damage alone.

Being the irate and hot-headed person he is, Kuwabara gets involved and with one blow to the chest, seems to get killed. Yusuke remembers Genaki’s teachings and believes he can stop Toguro with the rest of his energy.

In a very dramatic and empowering moment, he uses the Spirit Gun, effectively able to recreate the large size he once used while training with Genaki. The orb is able to defeat Toguro, who is grateful to have finally been able to use his full power on an opponent.

Yu Yu Hakusho season 1, episode 5 recap – The ending

If you were worried about Kuwabara, don’t be! Yukina is able to heal him successfully!

Can we just say they look adorable together! Fulfilling his end of the bargain Sakyo kills himself, Tarukane gets eaten, I think, by the escaped Yokai from the prior episode, and the portal is closed.

As the group goes about returning home, Yukina asks Hiei if he is her older brother. He denies this and gives Kurama the blade back, that the show kind of forgot about.

As the group gets on a boat back home all seems well. The mission is over but is there more in store for our delinquent hero and his friends?

Yu Yu Hakusho season 1, episode 5 review

That, my friends, was Netflix’s live-action Yu Yu Hakusho season 1. The show seemed to combine several stories from the anime but in a way that was both brilliant and successful.

Would I have preferred to see this follow the anime more closely, originally yes. But after watching the entire season I am saddened by the assumption there will not be a season 2.

Even though there is more to Yusuke’s story and the anime itself, season 1 ended on a near perfect note. It’s shame only because the show was so well done, from the acting to the effects and the story itself.

For some time, I never felt anime live adaptations really lived up to the story. We’ve had failures like Netflix’s Death Note and more successful yet underwhelming ones like Bleach.

One Piece really surprised me by how well it knew and adapted the source material. It seems Yu Yu Hakusho followed that same success.

I hope to see a season 2 one day, but until then I am grateful for the adaptation we do have.

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