3 shows to watch if you miss Our Flag Means Death

Our Flag Means Death on Max
Our Flag Means Death on Max /

If you miss Our Flag Means Death, welcome to the club. It has been months since the period comedy was canceled, but we are still not over it – and I don’t think we ever will! Max really fumbled the bag canceling this one! So if you are missing this unique pirate story as much as we do, here are five shows we have enjoyed. 

One of the many things we loved about Our Flag Means Death on Max is the brilliant storytelling that mixed comedy and adventure, with a splash of romance. The series was set in the 18th century during the Golden Age of Piracy. Viewers followed the many adventures of gentleman-turned-pirate Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby) and his crew trying to make a name for themselves. Fans can stream the first two seasons on Max if you feel like rewatching, but here are three other shows you may love. 

Black Sails

Another underrated adventure series that deserved so much more attention than it got is Black Sails. Like Our Flag Means Death, the series Black Sails is also no longer airing. It premiered in 2014 and wrapped in 2017, leaving a lasting impression on its fans. Black Sails is also set during the height of piracy in the 18th century and features fun interpretations of historical features such as Blackbeard and Captain Hornigold. If you missed Black Sails when it aired or want to give it a rewatch, check it out on Starz or Premium Hulu. 

Drunk History 

Drunk History on Comedy Central was so much fun while it lasted! It premiered on the network in 2013 and ran for six years, ending in 2019. With so much that has happened in the years since, Drunk History needs to be renewed ASAP. The educational comedy featured guest stars in every episode, which saw the actors voicing different historical figures, who are played by the show’s regular cast. Drunk History was supposed to get a seventh season, but Comedy Central chose to cancel it, instead.   


Yes, I bring you another series that is no longer airing. I’m sorry, but what do these networks have against fun history comedies and pirates? Galavant only ran for two seasons and it is so unfair. What we loved most about this one, is the cast, which includes Timothy Omundson, Vinnie Jones, Mallory Jansen, and others. Galavant is streaming on Hulu.

Which of these shows (besides Our Flag Means Death) would you like to see return with a new season?

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