5 best new shows premiering in February 2024 on Disney, Apple, and more


Can you believe that we're flying through 2024? We have a few new shows that are worth checking out to see if we might get an early favorite for the best show of the year. 

The New Look - AppleTV+ (February 14)

Apple's newest period drama that comes out this month is a biographical show that covers fashion designer Christian Dior in Paris after World War II. This was the time frame in which the fashion designer debuted his New Look, a revolutionary collection of designs in 1947. The series features Ben Mendelson as Christian Dior.

While Mendelson may be best known for his roles in big mega franchises like Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he's been winning acting awards since 1987 and definitely has the gravitas that will work for this character. Designer Coco Chanel will also play a major role in the story and will be portrayed by Juliette Binoche. 

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Netflix (February 22)

The idea of a live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender has already resulted in one of the worst movies ever made, but perhaps things will work out the second time around. This time, Netflix's live-action adaptation of the beloved animated series will be a television show. The trailer for the series looks like it's following the first season of the animated series pretty closely, though there are a few things from the later seasons that look like they may be showing up early.

Netflix is also responsible for the live-action version of Once Piece, one of the few live-action adaptations of an anime that has received praise from both newcomers and fans of the original, so there may be hope for this series pulling off the same kind of success. A lot of people will be excited to return to the world of Avatar, but just as many will be watching this one with bated breath to see if it can possibly live up to the reputation of the original animated series.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live - AMC (February 25)

It's a new year, which means that it must be time for a new Walking Dead spinoff. The sixth Walking Dead spinoff (and the seventh Walking Dead series total) features the return of Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira reprising their characters Rick Grimes and Michonne. The series is set after the conclusion of the original Walking Dead series and will focus primarily on these two characters.

While the show is currently intended to be a limited series with six episodes, there is a possibility that it could be expanded beyond that. But even if it isn't, don't worry. There's already an eighth Walking Dead series currently in development scheduled to premiere at a later date. 

Shogun - FX (February 27)

The historical epic novel Shogun was released in 1975 to almost instant success. The massive book, which came in at over a thousand pages, told the story of an Englishman in 1600 who survives a shipwreck and finds himself washed ashore in Japan, a place that nobody in Europe would be familiar with at the time. The novel was a massive bestseller, selling over fifteen million copies, and being adapted into a television miniseries in 1980.

Like the book, the miniseries was a hit, winning Emmys, Golden Globes, and a Peabody Award. While both the book and series may not be as culturally relevant today as they once were, it's very possible that this new limited series will bring it back into the spotlight. The 2024 series will adapt the plot of the book across ten episodes, airing on Disney+, Hulu, and FX. 

Iwájú - Disney+ (February 28)

For the most part, one of the biggest draws of Disney+ in terms of original television shows has been their Marvel and Star Wars content. But the service is named after Disney for a reason. This month will see the first-ever long-form animated series produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Previous Disney TV series were usually created by their television studios, but this series is being created by their flagship studio.

The series is being created in partnership with Kugali Media, a Pan-African British-based company. It's a unique set of circumstances that brought the collaboration together, but the series itself looks like it might be something very unique and exciting for Disney+. Iwájú is a science fiction series that's set in a futuristic version of the city of Lagos in Nigeria. It's exciting to see Disney collaborate on something like this and to see what they might be able to pull off together.