Can you stream The Bachelorette season 21 on Hulu? (Everything to know so you don't miss out!)

The Bachelorette is back tonight with season 21. Don't want to miss out but can't tune in when the premiere airs on ABC? We've got your back!
THE BACHELORETTE - Key Art. (Disney)
THE BACHELORETTE - Key Art. (Disney) /

The long-awaited 21st season of The Bachelorette airs tonight on ABC! Who else is more than ready to watch Jenn Tran take over our favorite reality dating show? All of Bach nation, I'm sure. But these are busy times! If you're not able to tune in to catch new episodes as soon as they air on the ABC network, can you watch on Hulu? If so, when and what time? Show Snob is here to help!

Jenn is the first Asian-American to lead the franchise, so this season is already one for the books! When Jenn was in The Bachelor, she was sent home before hometowns, but that's okay! Because now she is back and calling all of the shots. Our Bachelorette this season is from Miami and has looks and brains, currently studying to become a physician's assistant.

Tonight, July 8, we'll meet the 25 men who are ready to steal Jenn's heart. As Women's Health Magazine shares, the men have very interesting careers and hobbies from former football players to a certified sommelier! But Jenn is not going to make it easy! In a teaser, Jenn tells the cameras that "if someone is here for the wrong reasons, I will find out."

Ready to watch? Here's when, where, and how!

New episodes of The Bachelorette season 21 will air on the ABC network on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET. If you are not able to tune in at this time, stream the episodes on Hulu! After airing on their home cable network, new episodes of The Bachelorette season 21 will make their way to the streaming service Hulu, arriving the next day at approximately 5 a.m. ET. This means you can stream the episodes on Hulu on Tuesday mornings.

This isn't too bad. The wait to stream the episodes online could have been longer. All you need to do is avoid social media until you can stream the new episodes so you don't accidentally bump into any spoilers. Here's the streaming schedule for the first three episodes of The Bachelorette season 21 (at 5 a.m. ET on the dates below):

  • Episode 1, "Week 1: Season Premiere," streams on Hulu on July 9
  • Episode 2, "Week 2," streams on Hulu on July 16
  • Episode 3, "Week 3," streams on Hulu on July 22

If anything changes with the schedule or streaming times, we'll be sure to follow up and update this post so you don't miss out!

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