Comparing The Boys TV characters to their comic book counterparts: Who's better?

The Prime Video series changed the characters' personalities to create an amazing show. While all the changes worked out, some characters were better in the comics. We take a look at 20 of them!
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video /

Whether you like The Boys comic book or the show on Prime Video more than the other, there are a lot of differences. Some of them are obvious and others are subtle. Either way, you can’t help but notice them. The creative team behind the show understood that things needed to change. Part of the source material isn’t suitable for audiences because it’s offensive.

Thankfully, they were aware of this and it led to the unnecessary traits and moments being left in the comics. 20 characters helped shape The Boys' comic book and show. I will break them down, explain the differences, and explain which I think is better. As a big fan of Garth Ennis’ work, my opinions might shock you.


Actor: Karl Urban

Butcher’s biggest change is how he goes about things. In the comic books, he's smoother and doesn’t lose his cool often. When he does, there’s a calmness to it. It’s terrifying that he's methodical even when he's enraged. Plus, his teammates are intimidated by him. It makes the operation run smoother. On the show, Butcher is irrational, a loose canon, and barely has the respect of the people around him. However, he expresses himself better and seems more emotionally available to people.

Show or Comic: Even

The Boys Season 4 Teaser Art- Homelander
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Actor: Antony Starr

Everything about Homelander is better on Prime Video. Antony Starr portrays a supervillain with a god complex that hides feelings of inferiority and the need to be wanted. In the source material, he wasn’t this interesting. Without a doubt he was scary, but that's where it stopped. People will take what they see from Antony Starr and try to recreate his genius. That's why he's a better antagonist in the series.

Advantage: Show


Actor: Jack Quaid

Hughie was weaker in the comics but seemed more important. The show has him covered in blood and not doing much. Jack Quaid is fantastic as Hughie, but the character itself is missing something to make him pop. The scene when he killed his dad for example in season 4, episode 5). It was an emotional scene, but it won’t be remembered for Hughie.

Advantage: Comic

The Boys season 4 episode 6 Dirty Business Hughie Jack Quaid Annie Starlight Erin Moriarty
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Actress: Erin Moriarty

Starlight (Annie January) is 100% better in the show. She has way more depth, and personality, and isn’t dependent on Hughie to be important. Annie didn’t become a good character until the middle of the comic book series. She was amazing from the beginning of Prime Videos’ The Boys.

Advantage: Show

Mother’s Milk/Marvin Milk

Actor: Laz Alonso

This one is tricky. Mother’s Milk was a hardcore guy. He didn’t take any mess from anyone including Butcher. The same can be said for him on the show. What sets Marvin Milk and Mother’s Milk apart is how the comic book character gets his powers and obsession with milk. What kind of milk? The same kind Homelander likes.

Advantage: Show


Actor: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

So far, Kessler is confident and strong, and Butcher does whatever he says. In short, he’s everything that he isn’t in the comics. However, Kessler (who’s called Monkey in the comics. Google why) being weak-willed and creepy serves a purpose. So far, the comic book version is better but only for comedic reasons.

Advantage: Comic

Jessica Bradley

Actress: Colby Minifie

If there’s a comparison to Jessica Bradley (comic book character) in The Boys, it’s Ashely Barrett. They don’t have the same title or personality, but they’re both going to be the fall person for Vought. Both of them are the names that people will look at when Homelander and Vought are exposed for their nonsense. They both ripped their hair out too.

Advantage: Even

Soldier Boy

Actor: Jensen Ackles

Without question, the show version is better. He didn’t pee on himself when he was in trouble or doing whatever Homelander asked. Plus, Soldier Boy was played by Jensen Ackles. You can’t beat that.

Advantage: Even


Actress: Aya Cash

Stormfront had more personality and intelligence and was more determined to win on the show. She wasn’t content with being in charge of her team. She wanted to rule or at the very least be the woman behind the man. The comic book version was just another racist villain. Yes, she was one of the most despicable characters ever, but she served a purpose.

Advantage: Show

Love Sausage

Actor: Derek Johns

Love Sausage was a character on the show whose…love sausage was used for humor. Meanwhile, Vasilii Vorishikin was an important side character in the comics. Without his help, The Boys would’ve been killed in Russia and later during their fight against Stormfront. He also helped Hughie defeat Butcher in The Boys: The Bloody Doors Off.

Advantage: Comic

Tek Knight

Actor: Derek Wilson

Tek Knight was funnier in the comic and more interesting during Gen V. The one thing they have in common is their compulsion to have sex with random things. At least the version on the show had talent.

Advantage: Show

Laila Robins
Orchestrating Maestro Special Event / Roy Rochlin/GettyImages

Greg/Grace Mallory

Actress: Laila Robins

This character is Greg in the comics, while the show decided to make the founder of The Boys a female counterpart, Grace, instead. Mallory’s story was deeper in the comics. He was around during World War II and was there when the first supes were introduced (this leads to him getting captured and his unity being slaughtered). He saw the beginning of Vought’s rise to power and tried to stop them from becoming powerful. He was also the first human to take the version of Compound V Hughie, Butcher, and Frenchie received. The TV version, Grace, is just there, unfortunately. Maybe that will change as the series progresses, but it doesn’t look like it.

Advantage: Comic

Queen Maeve

Actress: Dominique McElligott

Queen Maeve was in the source material was messed up from the things done to her. This turns her into an alcoholic who rarely leaves her room. The show’s version was a standup woman. When it came to it, she stood up against Homelander and almost killed him. She had way more personality and depth than her comic book counterpart. 

Advantage: Show


Actor: Jessie T. Usher

Without question, Jessie T. Usher’s version is better. There’s more to his story than a guy being the pervert who killed Hughie's girlfriend and harassed Annie January. A debate could be made that he’s one of the best characters on the show. He’s easily the most underrated.

Advantage: Show

Stan Edgar (who’s really James Stillwell)

We come to another character who could be even with their counterpart. The one thing that sets them apart is Giancarlo Esposito’s performance. The video above shows exactly what I mean. He continuously knocks it out of the park. The creative team builds on what the comic book started.

Advantage: Show

Black Noir

Actor: Nathan Mitchell

Can you say what character that doesn’t speak is better than the other? He has a personality now that he was replaced, but is that enough to make a difference? Not really. 

Advantage: Even

Frenchie and Kimiko (the Female)

Performers: Tomer Capone (Frenchie), Karen Fukuhara (Kimiko)

The creative team turned two characters known for violence and insanity in the comics and made them relatable. Some fans could understand Frenchie's substance abuse and Kimiko's trauma. They had to be more than just Butcher's weapons, but keep their love for each other. Thankfully, they succeeded.

Advantage: Show

Victoria Neuman/Victor Neuman

Actres: Claudia Doumit

Vice President Victor Neuman was a moron on a level unseen in comics. He made Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin look like Sister Sage. Meanwhile, Victoria Neuman is a diabolical planner who may become the President of the United States. Watching her evolution as a character and a supe has been fantastic.

Advantage: Show

The Deep

Actor: Chace Crawford

If you’re a writer looking to study the evolution of a character, pay attention to Chace Crawford’s The Deep. His core personality of immaturity hasn’t changed, but he continues to evolve each season. That seems like a contradiction, but it isn't. The Deep is beginning to realize his self-worth and who he is inside. It’ll be interesting to see how his story ends. Meanwhile, the comic book version may have said 50 words in the entire 60-plus run.

Advantage: Show

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