Creepshow season 4, episode 5 recap: "Something Borrowed, Something Blue" and "Doodles"

Season 4, episode 5 of Shudder's Creepshow tells a tale of a twisted wedding and career-savvy artistic revenge.
Curtis Lum as Ryan, Tom Atkins as Frank in "Something Burrowed, Something Blue" Creepshow (Season 4, Episode 5) - Photo Credit: Michael Courtney/Shudder
Curtis Lum as Ryan, Tom Atkins as Frank in "Something Burrowed, Something Blue" Creepshow (Season 4, Episode 5) - Photo Credit: Michael Courtney/Shudder /

In this season 4 episode of Shudder's Creepshow, titled "Something Borrowed, Something Blue" and "Doodles," viewers are taken on a journey through a bizarre brunch invitation and a wedding with unsettling conditions. Additionally, the episode features a sinister tale of artistic jealousy and revenge in "Doodles."

Let's delve into the eerie narratives that unfold in this double feature of horror and suspense.

Creepshow season 4, episode 5 recap: Something Borrowed, Something Blue: A wedding pact with the unthinkable

The Creepshow episode kicks off with a mysterious letter from Frank Cochran (Tom Atkins) to his daughter, Allison (Kristy Dawn Dinsmore), initiating a strange series of events. Frank invites Allison and her fiancé, Ryan (Curtis Lum), to brunch, setting the stage for a narrative filled with tension and dark secrets.

Allison's resentment towards her father becomes apparent when she recalls being shipped off to boarding school after her mother's death. Despite initial reluctance, Allison accepts the invitation, leading the couple to Frank's opulent mansion for an extravagant brunch, featuring Wagyu beef and lobster.

The twist in the tale arises when Frank offers to gift them their dream wedding but reveals a horrifying condition. Behind a securely locked door lies Minhocão, a creature that requires a live human sacrifice every 15 years to remain dormant.

Ryan is asked to become the Minhocão's keeper, leading to a chilling choice for the couple. As the wedding approaches, tensions rise as Ryan must find a guest from the list who won't be missed.

The episode takes a dark turn when, by bizarre coincidence, Ryan reveals he has his own Minhocão. The consequences of a missed sacrifice come to light: Ryan's chosen victim, his annoying cousin named Darryl (Bernie Yao), had successfully avoided being tossed into the Minhocão's pit.

This leads to a terrifying climax that challenges the couple's commitment and exposes the true nature of their seemingly idyllic life.

Creepshow season 4, episode 5 recap: Doodles: When art takes a sinister turn

In the second Creepshow story, "Doodles," the focus shifts to the world of cartoons and the unexpected consequences of artistic rivalry. Sonia (Tina Grant) and Angela (Anja Savcic), aspiring cartoonists, vie for success in a publication called Timeless.

Sonia achieves success, leaving Angela embittered and jealous. Angela's rejection by Mr. Barton (Tyler McClendon) for being "too Beetle Bailey" intensifies her resentment.

Angela resorts to a dark yet seemingly innocent form of revenge, drawing violent scenes involving sewer rats over Sonia's photo in a magazine. As the story unfolds, Angela reads a news story about Sonia's gruesome demise, with news images of sewer rats having devoured her eyes!

Shockingly, Angela becomes the next month's featured cartoonist. However, her success is short-lived when Mr. Barton demands that she fire Calvin, his assistant (David Lennon), and her old friend.

Refusing to comply, Angela faces dire consequences as Mr. Barton tears up their publishing agreement, thereby also tearing up her career. Seeking solace at a company bar, Angela channels her frustration into a macabre drawing of Mr. Barton covered in blood.

The semi-unexpected occurs when Mr. Barton meets a gruesome end, and Calvin assumes the role of editor-in-chief. However, Angela's troubles persist as Calvin discovers her angry, death-creating doodles.

Threatening to involve the police, Calvin unintentionally triggers Angela's imagination, and she draws his death. In a tragic twist, Angela meets her demise in a manner eerily similar to her drawing, illustrating that creativity and competition may go hand in hand, but so do art and tragedy.


"Something Borrowed, Something Blue" and "Doodles" weave together tales of horror, suspense, and the unforeseen consequences of choices and actions. This Creepshow episode delivers a chilling blend of the supernatural and the psychological, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

It may or may not be a person's favorite episode thus far, but I doubt it will make the bottom of the average viewer's Creepshow episode ranked list.

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