Curb Your Enthusiasm and 4 other comedies ending in 2024

These comedies have kept us laughing, cringing, and even at times crying, for years. Unfortunately, we'll be saying goodbye to them in 2024.
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Big Mouth

Those who enjoy R-rated animation movies and shows no doubt love Big Mouth. The adult sitcom was created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett, and premiered on Netflix in 2017. The series gained popularity very quickly, with its bold and oftentimes explicit and uncomfortable depiction of the challenges of puberty resonating with viewers. For me personally, it's a little too gross, but I understand the appeal nonetheless.

Big Mouth follows a group of middle schoolers who struggle to navigate the pains of growing up, from fighting off sexual urges, to menstruating, to dealing with their ever-changing bodies, and more. The show also includes sexualized shoulder angels, a.k.a. the hormone monsters Maurice and Connie. The outrageous humor and cringe-worthy moments bring a uniqueness to Big Mouth, as does its ability to tackle sensitive topics like gender identity and mental health. Not only is the show funny, but it also features heartfelt moments when you least expect it.

Kroll joked at the time of the announcement that Big Mouth would be ending: "If you would have told adolescent Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg that middle school would take eight years to finish, they would have been like ‘Yeah, that sounds about right. This seems like it will never end.'”

With its upcoming eighth and final season, Big Mouth will be Netflix's longest-running scripted original series ever, which is seriously impressive. The streamer renewed the sitcom for one last installment in April 2023, and it's confirmed for a 2024 release.

The Umbrella Academy. (L to R) Tom Hopper as Luther Hargreeves, Emmy Raver-Lampman as Allison Hargreeves in episode 301 of The Umbrella Academy. Cr. Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix © 2022 /

The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy is first and foremost a superhero action series, but it's also incredibly funny! The quirky series based on the comic book of the same name written by Gerard Way follows the Hargreeves family, adopted siblings with superpowers who reunite in the first season to save the world. Superhero movies and shows have started to feel really stale in the last couple of years, but The Umbrella Academy is still incredibly fresh, even after three seasons.

The Netflix Original series sees the siblings try to balance their supernatural abilities and responsibilities with the challenges of everyday life, including relationships, passions, and mental health — all while having to save the world from the apocalypse over and over again. It might sound repetitive, but it's honestly not. And while I was a little disappointed with the third season, it's still an all-around great show.

The Umbrella Academy will return for a fourth season in 2024, which will mark the show's end. Each season has brought us so many surprises, jaw-dropping moments, and laughs, so here's to hoping the final season delivers! Actress Emmy Raver-Lampman, who plays Allison, promises it's "really, really packed with classic Umbrella Academy family nonsense and shenanigans." I can't wait!

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