Dark Matter episode 4 recap: The biggest questions we have so far

Dark Matter on Apple TV+, episode 4
Dark Matter on Apple TV+, episode 4 /

If you have been struggling to keep up with the sci-fi and drama on Dark Matter, episode 4 really threw you for a loop! In the most engaging episode so far, audiences learn just how deep this entire operation goes, and that not every alternate reality is friendly. Let’s recap by asking the biggest questions we have after watching. But first, spoiler alert!

Before you read ahead, please note that there are significant spoilers if you have not watched Dark Matter episode 4, “The Corridor.” Go stream it on Apple TV+ before continuing. 

The streaming service has long been trying to cement itself as the go-to platform for sci-fi. Shows in the genre have been hit and miss, but when they are hits, they’re big! Two must-watch series on Apple TV+ to watch if you enjoy sci-fi are Severence and Constellation. And now, you can add Dark Matter to this list. 

How do Charlie and Daniela not know that the Jason in their world is an imposter? 

I gave Daniela a little too much credit at the start of the series. I really thought she would have figured it out by now that the man who returned from his friend’s party was not the man she married. Daniela seemed suspicious at first, that something was the matter, but it didn’t take much for Jason to trick her when they spoke about things. 

As for Charlie, I can’t blame him too much. I mean, would we really question why our parent is suddenly buying us wild presents? A new car? Thanks, dad, no questions asked! But both Charlie and Daniela are finally having doubts. 

Dark Matter on Apple TV+, episode 4 /

Jason 1 vs Jason 2 

Jason 2 chose his career over Daniela and raising a family, something he came to regret. His mistake was assuming that Jason 1 also shared regrets about the road not taken. The reason Jason 2 forced Jason 1 to trade realities with him, is so that they can now both get what they missed out on. Jason 2 may have seen this as restoring balance and helping two “unhappy Jasons.” Unfortunately, for Jason 2, Jason 1 was happy with his life and does not regret marrying Daniela and starting a family. I think Jason 2 will be surprised to learn that Jason 1 is fighting his way back.

How does The Box work?

I’m sure Leighton will, eventually, catch up with Amanda and Jason for the ultimate showdown.  But from what we saw in the final moments of episode 4, it’s not going to be easy! Leighton is going to have to figure out how to travel to his desired reality, as Amanda and Jason have. We’re not sure how long this will take, given that Leighton does not know as much about the box as Jason, but he’s a quick learner. 

Amanda and Jason were also struggling to find the right universe. The pair almost gave up hope after opening one too many dangerous worlds. But by the end of the episode, they realized that they are able to control the box by manifesting where they want to go. 

Don’t miss Dark Matter episode 5, “Dark Velocity,” streaming on Apple TV+ on May 29.

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