Dark Matter episode 6 recap: Can we get a reality where Ryan wins, for once?

Dark Matter on Apple TV+
Dark Matter on Apple TV+ /

Dark Matter episode 6 takes viewers through a mind-bending twist that even has us asking – what is reality? Let’s break down the latest chapter, titled “Superposition.” 

Spoiler alert! Please note that if you missed Dark Matter episode 6 “Superposition” on Apple TV+ there are spoilers ahead. Go stream the new episode before reading on. 

Another episode of Dark Matter, another reality. Jason 1 (Joel Edgerton) continues to struggle finding his way back home, and the clock is ticking before Jason 2 creates even more problems. As for Amanda (Alice Braga), I’m glad she is finally thinking for herself. She’s been committed to helping Jason 1 return to his reality, ignoring what she truly wants. After all, Jason 1 is not “her” Jason. Sure, this experience has strengthened Jason 1 and Amanda’s bond, friendship, or whatever you want to call it. But this isn’t necessarily her goal. 

Jason 2 messes up big time 

A father and son moment couldn’t have gone more horribly wrong. Is a peanut allergy something a parent can simply forget? I don’t think I would. Jason 2, however, has no way of knowing that the Charlie in this reality has a nut allergy. After picking Charlie up from the skate park, Jason 2 gets his son ice cream. And it has nuts in it. Jason 2 panicked trying to find the EpiPen he didn’t even know Charlie carried, but he sees it just in time. A very angry and confused Daniela (Jennifer Connelly) meets them at the hospital. Questions begin to set in Daniela’s mind. And it’s about time, too. Making matters worse, Daniela sees the injection marks on Jason 2’s arm, but she doesn’t say anything to him. Yet. 

Later in the episode, Daniela visits Blair (Amanda Brugel) and shares her concerns about Jason 2. Blair is honest and tells Daniela that it just sounds like all of the changes in Jason are improvements. But, jokes aside, Blair does advice her friend to follow Jason 2. She believes that Jason will lie about the marks on his arm if confronted. Men. Am I right? Instead, Daniela should follow Jason 2 if she wants to get to the bottom of things, Blair suggests. 

Daniela is on the case! 

The opportunity to follow Jason 2 didn’t take long to arrive. After a horribly planned surprise for Daniela, Jason 2 drops her off at home and leaves. Daniela jumps in her car to follow him. Jason 2 stops by a storage unit, but it locks once he leave so Daniela is not able to get inside. She does, however, manage to reach under and grabs an ampoule. Daniela takes the drug to Ryan (Jimmi Simpson), asking him to figure out what’s inside. 

Is Jason giving up?

Amanda and Jason 1 have another heart-to-heart discussion about the mess they are in. Jason confesses that he doesn’t know how much longer he can continue doing this. It is taking a big toll on both, emotionally and physically. They do share a sweet moment, though, but we know it’s going to be back to work again soon – but not too soon! Amanda tells Jason 1 that she needs a day alone to think. They agree to meet back at The Box by the end of the day. But there’s nothing but fights and disagreements after the travel to the wrong reality once again. 

Meanwhile, Jason 2 is up to no good! Ryan has taken Daniela's sample of the drug and confronts Jason 2 about it. Instead of telling Ryan about it, Jason 2 shows him, taking him to The Box and into a reality he believes Ryan will enjoy seeing. But Jason 2’s plan is to kick Ryan out of his reality so that Ryan doesn’t get in his way.

Dark Matter episode 7 premieres on Apple TV+ next Wednesday, June 12.