Dark Matter season 1 finale recap: A disappointing finale closes out the series

Dark Matter on Apple TV+
Dark Matter on Apple TV+ /

From the start, Dark Matter on Apple TV+ has been a solid sci-fi series and one of the best from the streamer to date. This is why it’s unfortunate that the season 1 finale leaves fans with something to be desired. Let’s recap the final events. 

Spoiler alert! If you have not yet watched the season 1 finale for Dark Matter on Apple TV+, please note there are spoilers ahead. Go stream any episodes you may have missed before reading on. 

Audiences went from “what in the science?” to “what in the multiverse?” and not in a very exciting way. How many Jasons are too many Jasons? The answer, according to Apple TV+, is not enough. The overpacked finale might not have been so bad if the series had stayed closer to the pages of Black Crouch’s novel. I understand book adaptations need to make several changes to add twists and surprises for fans of the book to keep their attention, but it’s not always a good idea to change the main events. 

To describe episode 9 in one word, I would use “messy.” Everyone is searching for the original Jason (aka the only Jason who belongs in that reality), including Blair. Meanwhile, Jason, Charlie, and Daniela are catching up as if they aren’t sitting ducks with multiple Jason’s searching for them. Jason shares with Daniela what he has gone through to find her, Charlie tells his dad about the nut allergy incident, it’s all a little too calm and casual.

Just as we suspected, their little escape house is surrounded by Jasons. And I don’t know about you, but I was so over it at this point. Jason 2 tries to redeem himself by saving Jason 1 from another Jason, but that just doesn’t sit right with me. Jason 2 is the one who started all of this, even saving the day won’t make me sympathize with you, sir. In the book, this was far from Jason 2’s fate. Spoiler alert! In the book, Jason 1 kills Jason 2, as he should! So you're telling me he is the hero in the series? No, thanks.

Finally understanding that this isn’t about Jason 1, this is about what Daniela and Charlie want, hundreds of Jason’s show up to support them and allow them to find a reality where they will be safe. And…that’s pretty much it?

Since this is a limited series, a renewal is not expected to happen, and I’m not too upset about it. I may be a little disappointed by the lackluster finale, but I give the series a solid 7/10. Do I recommend it? Yes, this is still a sci-fi must-watch, but is it the strongest in the genre? It is not. What did you think?

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