Here's every DC Universe TV show eventually coming to Max (One is coming fall 2024!)

Creature Commandos starring David Harbour, Zoë Chao, and Sean Gunn is making its way to our screens this fall.
Photograph by Katie Yu/HBO Max
Photograph by Katie Yu/HBO Max /

Just like Star Wars and Marvel before it, DC is wanting to create an expansive interconnected universe that tells stories both in the form of movies and television shows. This isn't the first time DC has done this. They've been trying to create their own version of the MCU for over a decade now, ever since the release of Man of Steel.

However, while there have been some successes to come out of the DC Extended Universe, the whole interconnected project has drawn far more criticism than praise over the years, and it was announced that the DC Universe would be rebooted under a new creative vision with the first projects coming out some time later this year. So far, seven different shows have been announced for the new version of the DC universe. All of them will stream on Max eventually. We listed them all for you below with details on what's to come!

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Creature Commandos

The first TV series set in the new DC interconnected universe will be an animated show titled Creature Commandos, set to be releases sometime in the Fall of 2024. The first season of the show is expected to have seven half-hour episodes, with each episode being written by James Gunn. Because it is the show on this list that's the closest to being released, it's obviously the one that we know the most about. That includes the cast of the series as well as what characters they're going to be playing. The Creature Commandos is a military unit consisting of monster-like characters including at least two Frankenstein-style members of the team, David Harbour as Eric Frankenstein: and Zoë Chao as Nina Mazursky. Weasel, who appeared in The Suicide Squad in 2021 is also going to be a part of the team, played by Sean Gunn.


Viola Davis' portrayal of Amanda Waller has been one of the most consistently praised aspects of any of the DC films that she has appeared in. So Davis will be reprising the role in this upcoming series, Waller, that will be focusing on that character. Waller is a unique character, a woman with no superpowers of her own, often going toe to toe with some of DC's wide variety of rogues and still coming out on top. The new show will put Waller front and center, further exploring one of the best characters to come out of the original DC Expanded Universe. The show is being written by Jeremy Carver who has previous DC experience writing for Doom Patrol from a few years ago. Also, the character of Amada Waller is expected to appear in the previously mentioned Creature Commandos series, voiced by Davis, showing that the interconnected elements of this new version of the DC Universe are being set up early. A release date is not known yet.

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This show is going to be based on the Green Lanterns, members of an intergalactic law enforcement agency made up of races all over the galaxy. In the comics, over the years several different people have been given the powers and the moniker of Green Lantern and this series is going to be about two of the most prominent ones - Hal Jordan and John Stewart. Another Lantern, Guy Gardner, is also expected to appear. Though stories featuring the Green Lanterns will often take place in the far reaches of space, this show is expected to be primarily earth based. James Gunn has compared Lanterns to True Detective with the Lanterns having to solve a mystery that they will discover plays a role in the bigger story that the entire franchise is telling. Our interest is piqued! A release date has not been set.

Paradise Lost

The city of Themyscira, the city of Amazon warriors where Wonder Woman is from, was at one point called Paradise Island which is where the title of this series comes from. Paradise Lost is a show that is expected to be set in Themyscira, and feature many of the Amazon characters that have appeared in Wonder Woman comics over the years. At one point, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins was talking about a spin-off movie that was going to be set in Themyscira, though it's unknown if this show is an evolution of that project or simply a different project that has a similar pitch. It is also unknown if Wonder Woman is expected to appear in the show or even be referenced. No release date has been shared.

Booster Gold

The character of Booster Gold is not the most well known superhero in the DC lineup, but he has become a cult favorite over the years, and has built up some devoted fans due to the character's unique backstory and personality. Booster Gold is from the future, but is by all definitions a screw up who travels back to the present with 25th century technology in order to be able to be a superhero in our time. While very little is known about this series so far, a Booster Gold series would suggest a certain tone, and it will be interesting to see how the character will interact with some of the more heavy hitters in this new DC interconnected universe. 

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Peacemaker season 2

One of the few things that is expected to survive the transition from the old DC Expanded Universe to the new DC Universe is the TV series Peacemaker. This is probably due to the fact that the Peacemaker television show was created by James Gunn, the man who is now responsible for seeing the overall creative direction of the entire DC universe. So, when the second season of Peacemaker arrives, it will exist in the new DC universe as well. While we don't know exactly what will or won't count when it comes to the parts of the original DC Extended Universe that will continue to exist in this new version, it's a pretty safe bet that the events of the first season of Peacemaker (and quite possibly the events of The Suicide Squad, the movie where he was introduced) will still be considered canon. Or at least a version of them will be. 


After the success of The Batman, the reboot of the character starring Robert Pattinson, the director of the film announced that they were developing two spinoff series. One would focus on the character of The Penguin that had appeared in the movie, and the other that focused on Arkham Asylum, the institute where many of Batman's villains are held. The series would explore the origins of the institution as well as the origins of many of the characters that are associated with it. The show is being envisioned as a horror, with Arkham Asylum taking on the role of a haunted house. In December of 2023, James Gunn confirmed that the series would take place in the DC Universe, along with the rest of the projects on this list. As for the Penguin series that was also in development? For that one, you'll need to see below...

The Penguin is not a part of the new DC Universe

While The Batman film that was released in 2022 was both a critical and commercial success, that movie is technically not a part of the DC Extended Universe proper. It is considered to be an Elseworlds project, something that uses the characters of DC, but doesn't exist as a part of the canon of the interconnected universe. So, anything that exists in the universe created in The Batman, by default doesn't exist in the new universe that is currently being created. That includes the upcoming The Penguin that is centered around that version of the character from the movie. The Penguin will be considered an Elseworlds project as well, just like the film it follows. If this holds true, this means that the previously mentioned Arkham series will have been inspired by The Batman, but will not take place in the same universe.

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