Fallout season 1, episode 7 recap "The Radio"

Power Armor in Prime Video's Fallout.
Power Armor in Prime Video's Fallout. /

Fallout season 1 episode 6 is yet another reminder that nothing is as it seems, leaving audiences with more questions than answers. Will Maximus be able to rescue Lucy?

What job is the Ghoul going to be tasked with this time? Will Thaddeus take Wilzig's head to The Brotherhood of Steel before Lucy and Max catch up with him?

There's a lot to talk about so let's begin!

Goodbye Vault 4

Fallout - First Look
Ella Purnell (Lucy) in “Fallout” /

Lucy's ordeal in Vault 4 definitely did not play out as I expected. Caught on Floor 12 she is brought to Overseer Ben and Birdie, who explain that they are trying to undo the damage Vault 4 had previously done.

By showing Lucy more footage, it seems that while Vault 4 was definitely based on science and scientific research, it was also a playground for all kinds of unspeakable experiments. Even though Lucy misread the entire situation she is still going to face her punishment.

Max catches Lucy as she is brought through the vault with a bag over her head and although he debates what to do, the answer is clear. He decides to steal the fusion core from the vault and use it to power his Knight Titus suit.

Powered up and ready to go, Max arrives to save Lucy, only to arrive a little late. Lucy's punishment isn't torture or even death.

Her punishment is to be sent to the surface with supplies. Funnily enough, that is all Lucy and Max want as they still need to retrieve Wilzig's head.

But Max isn't aware of the situation until Lucy stops him. He promptly apologizes after having done a little bit of damage and together they leave.

But not before the duo has a true heart-to-heart. Lucy admits to Max that although her Vault 33 isn't as grand as Vault 4, it does have some perks and that she'd love to have him join her back home when everything is over.

Max finally comes clean about who he is and what he did to obtain the suit. But that doesn't deter Lucy.

She also asks that he return the fusion core so that Vault 4 doesn't die. Max chooses to return it and leaves the suit behind once more.

The Ghoul and Dogmeat

Walton Goggins as The Ghoul in Fallout /

The Ghoul seems to be on a mission to find Moldaver, learning her location to be at the observatory from the son of lead farmers. No doubt concerned the son will seek revenge for the death of his brother (who happened to be working with Moldaver) the Ghoul kills him as well.

He manages to arrive at the same location Thaddeus dropped off 4 and bless the Ghoul's decaying heart, he brings the dog with him (calling him Dogmeat), even though he reflects on it not being his family dog from the past. Speaking of the past, as Moldaver speaks to the group about the atrocities of Vault-Tec, Cooper Howard decides to leave early, finding it to be a big waste of time.

Moldaver tries to initiate an intellectual conversation but ultimately seeks Cooper's help. She asks him to spy on his wife by bugging her Pip-Boy.

The truth of the matter, no matter how much Cooper might dislike it, Vault-Tec is becoming a powerhouse, knocking all other companies out of the competition. Cooper's first attempt fails miserably as he feels guilty for distrusting his wife.

But as he's spending time with the family dog, watching some of his films, he's reminded of how dogs are not allowed in the vaults. He tears apart the garbage to find the device he threw out, with the intent of spying on his wife.

Will this be the catalyst for their divorce?

Retrieving Wilzig's head

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It doesn't take Lucy and Max long to catch up to Thaddeus, who hasn't been having a great day either. During his scuffle with Max, one of his feet is crushed, and will no doubt lead to his death.

But he continues onward with the dog, 4, following him. With a busted radio, Thaddeus must find a way to contact The Brotherhood of Steel, but not before abandoning 4 in an empty metal Nuka Cola container.

Dude seriously?! Don't worry, 4 will be fine, I promise.

Thaddeus' foot problems might be over as he happens to meet the creepy salesman from episodes prior about to kill himself. He claims he has the solution, a vial of what absolutely looks like the stuff the Ghoul consumes.

Without question Thaddeus drinks it in exchange for the fusion core from the Knight Titus suit. His foot appears to have healed but I'm sure there's a catch.

Able to find a radio station that only plays very easy-listening classical music, Thaddeus waits for The Brotherhood of Steel to arrive while surrounded by the dead bodies of those who fell for traps. He spots Lucy and Max approaching and instantly fires but misses every shot.

Without paying attention he sets off a trap but doesn't die. It becomes obvious to everyone that Thaddeus is becoming a Ghoul. Afraid that he'll be killed by the Brotherhood, who is approaching fast via helicopters, he gives the head back and flees.

Max makes the selfless decision to give Lucy the head and he takes another from one of the dead bodies. The two share a tender kiss and part with Lucy asking that Max finds her at Vault 33.

Oh...I'm worried that when Max eventually does so Vault 33 won't be the same and Lucy won't be there.

Speaking of Vault 33...the decision has been made and everyone gets assigned to either remain in Vault 33 or move to Vault 32. Norm and Chet, who seems to be partnered with Steph, (perhaps unintentionally as he's a pushover) are separated.

Now that the move is happening Chet wants to forget everything he and Norm had seen of Vault 32. Norm takes offense to it and wants to keep searching for answers.

As the vault dwellers say their goodbyes, with some moving to Vault 32, Norm decides to take matters into his own hands. He uses the computer, pretending to be Overseer Betty, and contacts Vault 31.

Implying that Betty has been compromised, Vault 31 orders that she return to Vault 31. The episode ends with Norm entering Vault 31.

What will he find on the other side?

Fallout season 1 episode 7 review

Well, with only one episode left of season 1, I'm looking forward to some answers but not all of them. As much as I really want to know certain things, I also want to wait until at least season 2.

Let the theories simmer for a bit between seasons. What's tragic about this episode as a whole, is how everything from the past is leading to the current situation.

Is Cooper's wife bad or was she twisted to become this way because of her will to save her family? Was the intent of Vault 4 to experiment on people?

Was Vault-Tec the reason for the apocalypse? Does that mean all of the vaults, including Lucy's, has ulterior motives?

What will Norm find in Vault 31? Overall, I'm finding it hard to choose my favorite episode of the season.

I tend to favor or dislike one episode of a television show season more than others but for the first time in a while, I find myself enjoying the entire season. I like the mysteries and the plotting.

Even the humor is becoming more enjoyable. I mean was I the only one who thought it was funny that Thaddeus wasted a whole round of ammo and didn't even hit Lucy or Max once?

As much as I dislike the Ghoul's approach to who he kills or spares, I can't hate him. His soft spot for 4 outweighs all of his bad deeds in my book.

With all that said, I am nervous yet excited to finish the season. I just hope that Lucy doesn't change for the worse because I have a feeling there will be a few bombshells in the season 1 finale.

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