Gen V producers share how the late Chance Perdomo’s character will be addressed in season 2

The creative team of the superhero series has shared what happens to Andre in season 2 following the actor's tragic death.
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Fans of Gen V are still reeling from the untimely death of Chance Perdomo. How will the series address his passing and handle the story of his character, Andre Anderson?

There are few things more jarring for a TV show than to handle a key cast member departing. Unless it’s having to handle one unexpectedly passing away. The Cleaning Lady was faced with this challenge when Adan Canto, who played the main male lead, Arman Morales, passed away from cancer in early 2024. The producers had known Canto was ill and so used some old footage to set up Arman being kidnapped with hopes Canto would return for the season finale. Sadly, Canto was far more ill than he let on and his death was a blow to the show. They finally utilized some CGI trickery to show Arman sacrificing his life saving Thony, sending a car with him and some enemies off a cliff. 

It was a hard issue to be sure, and one Gen V producers now have to face. Tragically, Perdomo was killed in a motorcycle accident in March 2024. That’s delayed production on Gen V Season 2 and the question of how the writers will handle Andre's story is of on top of mind. The producers of the superhero series have shared what their plans are.

Gen V
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Why Gen V won’t recast Andre

The main question was if the producers would recast Andre as it’s clear the character had a major role to play in Gen V season 2. However, in a statement released on Instagram, the team clarified they wouldn’t recast the role of Andre at all. We shared the statement below:

"As we continue to navigate the tragic loss of Chance Perdomo, everyone at Gen V is determined to find the best way to pay respect to his memory. We won’t be recasting the role, because no one can replace Chance. Instead, we have been taking the time and space to recraft our Season 2 storylines as we begin production in May. We will honor Chance and his legacy this season."

This is a major turn as it leads to the question of how the show addresses Andre’s absence. In season 1 of the spinoff of The Boys, we learn that the show is set at Godolkin University, which supposedly trains a new generation of super-powered beings. In reality, it’s meant to see which kids can be best manipulated by the powers that be. Among them was Andre. The son of a famous hero, he could manipulate magnetic fields in hopes of following in his father’s footsteps. Like his fellow students, Andre learned the hard way that Vought International didn’t care about them and that his dad was not that great a guy.

The first season ended with Andre and others held prisoner in a lab while being publicly blamed for a mass casualty event at the campus. Sadly, the most obvious option would be Andre subjected to some sort of experimentation that resulted in his death off-screen. That would be bad but it seems the only way for the show to handle him suddenly gone.

It’s a blow to the series, yet it can work out with the rest of the Gen V gang trying to find justice for Andre with obvious tributes to Perdomo. It’s a sad situation everyone would have much preferred not to happen, but it does seem Gen V season 2 will have a melancholy tone, saying goodbye to both Andre and Perdomo to let fans have some closure. 

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