General Hospital Spoilers (Jan 15-19): The Nikolas and Spencer Showdown

GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode Ò14683Ó - ÒGeneral Hospital" airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Todd Wawrychuk)
GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode Ò14683Ó - ÒGeneral Hospital" airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Todd Wawrychuk) NANCY LEE GRAHN, KELLY MONACO /

Esme’s days are about to be numbered in Port Charles on General Hospital. She is already in hot water for breaking into Ava’s and now she must deal with the wrath of Nikolas.

Dex is quickly learning that Sonny’s lifestyle is more hardcore than he first imagined. Loyalty is everything to Sonny and Dex continually has to prove himself.

I don’t think he has it in him to be Sonny’s lap dog. Deep down he’s a good person with a good heart, whose conscience is already getting the best of him.

Since Drew’s minimal time in prison, his behavior has been shaky at best. Of course, he went through a trying time and nearly lost his life.

Obviously, it has taken a toll on him to the point of Drew making rash decisions that are unlike him. Those around him seem to be worried, but it’s hard to tell if this is for the audience to hate Nina more and feel sorry for the genius who broke the law or if it’s an opening to break Carly and Drew up just before Jason Morgan returns.

Here are your General Hospital spoilers for this week brought to you by Soap She Knows:

Monday, January 15 spoilers

Ava is not someone you want to ever cross but somebody in Port Charles pushes their luck with Ms. Jerome. I have a feeling that someone is going to wind up to be the infamous Esme Prince.

Deep down she wants to get Spencer back and may have it in her mind that taking Ava down will get Spencer back in her good graces. We left off last Friday with Nikolas appearing at Spencer’s door and once again back from the dead.

Spencer has put his entire life on hold to take care of his brother Ace. Now that Nikolas has returned, I don’t think his oldest son is going to easily step aside.

Even if Nikolas, out of some miracle, becomes a great father to Ace, jealousy from it may arise. The meeting ends with Spencer being warm to Nikolas, much to his surprise.

Nina will be back at it this week but don’t expect her to lay down so easily for turning Drew and Carly into the feds. Though she is sorry for what happened to Drew in prison and for putting the mother of Sonny’s kids in harm's way, she’s not sorry for her reaction to being betrayed by Carly.

Nina will look to fight for her marriage. Let’s also not forget that Drew and Carly committed a crime.

The coddling Carly receives in this show is never awarded to anyone else. She too has to learn that actions have consequences.

You can’t keep crossing people and then expect no reaction.

Tuesday, January 16 spoilers

Esme is still sticking around like a leech on Spencer but is this the real reason Trina wants to head off to France so badly? With Nikolas back in town, fathering Ace may not be an option anymore.

I cannot see Spencer letting the love of his life go overseas without him. However, there are things back in Port Charles that can’t be left undone.

Esme still has to answer for all of her crimes, including the one against Trina. With Esme’s memory returning, along with the existence of Nikolas, it may be time for her to finally go away.

Dex may be in over his head with Sonny. Is he really ready to turn into Jason and kill for him?

How much longer until Dex’s guilty conscience gets the best of him? You can tell he cares for Sonny but with all these lies piling on Dex, he may find himself at a breaking point.

Wednesday, January 17 spoilers

Carly and Drew grow closer but that is probably a must with Jason returning soon. We can all see the writing on the wall.

Before Jason met another demise he had fallen in love with Carly, and now his brother has. I fully expect General Hospital to leave an opening for that romance to continue one day.

First, he will have to get past his loyalty to Sonny. Spencer is starting to figure Esme out.

He knows she’s lying but can he prove it to the rest of Port Charles? Trina wants to show Esme no mercy, but Ace is the reason she has held back.

Esme put the young artist through hell and months of a trial for something she was innocent of. Not only that, but Esme also drugged Trina on top of releasing a sex tape of Joss and Cameron.

Now it’s time for her to fry and hopefully this time Trina won’t feel guilty about it.

Thursday, January 18 spoilers

Michael and Ned are back at squaring up to each other. With Ned back and in full form and Michael’s marriage on the rocks, there may be just enough weakness to take the golden boy down.

As long as Ned is alive, he’s not going to be comfortable on the outside of ELQ. And with even more Quartermaines returning, he could be in for the fight of his life.

Friday, January 19 spoilers

Everyone is starting to notice Drew’s changed behavior. Those around him are trying their best to figure him out and help him.

I fear they will push Drew to the edge and create a possible Drew and Carly breakup just before Jason returns. Carly can once again cry on Jason’s shoulder and fall back into a safe place.

Now who knows at this point what all Jason has been through, but Monica needs to come check in on both her sons. Let’s hope at least one of Monica’s sons will put his children first and give Jake and Daniel the father they need.

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