General Hospital Spoilers (Jan. 8-12): Saying goodbye to Bobbie Spencer’s legacy

GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode Ò14689Ó - ÒGeneral Hospital" airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Todd Wawrychuk)
GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode Ò14689Ó - ÒGeneral Hospital" airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Todd Wawrychuk) GENIE FRANCIS /

It is the moment we have all been expecting but also dreading. This year there have been so many losses for General Hospital but Bobbie Spencer and the loss of Jackie Zeman have really hit the hardest especially when a storyline is concerned. How is the world going to say goodbye to Bobbie Spencer? The time has come and we must find it in our hearts to say goodbye to the legendary Jackie Zeman. Here are a look at what’s ahead for General Hospital spoilers for this week!

Monday, January 8 General Hospital spoilers

Carly and Liz may not be the best of friends but their love for Bobbie outweighs their history this week as they both must say goodbye to a mother and an important and life-changing role model.

Felecia may have been one of Bobbie’s best friends but when it comes to Maxie few people owe Bobbie their life the way she does. Maxie’s heart literally beats for Bobbie because she carries her daughter’s heart inside of her chest. Will Maxie’s emotions overcome her mind?

Nina is definitely in the hot seat but Michael is not going to get out of things so easily and unfortunately, that is not the only thing Sonny’s son is keeping from him.

Scott and Lucy’s plan may be coming to a halt soon because of Laura’s selfie that Tracy has now seen but as one door closes could another door be opening? Lucy and Scott have shared children and a lifetime of memories..that may be just enough to spark some old flames.

Tuesday, January 9 General Hospital spoilers

Alexis and Gregory will have some truth to face as they figure out exactly what their kiss meant. Is it friends? Is it more?

Speaking of kisses Marshall and Stella will have to go head to head and figure out why they succumbed to their emotions over the Holidays.

When it comes to Sonny and Carly they will always have each other's backs and Bobbie’s untimely death will be no different. After the fallout with Nina Sonny will seek out Carly to make sure she is okay. Will he lean on his ex once again?

After Esme broke into Windermere, Laura will take her down to the police station to admit her wrongdoings. Will this bring the old Esme back or has she learned?

Wednesday, January 10 General Hospital spoilers

Get the tissues ready because Wednesday is when all the tears will begin to flow. Bobbie’s funeral will begin and the spotlight will be around Carly. Everyone that Bobbie knows and loves dear will flow in and give their respects. Will Carly be ready for that? Probably not but it will be important to see who she leans on this week.

Thursday, January 11 General Hospital spoilers

Carly and Felicia will be headed to Amsterdam as a team to take care of Bobbie’s unfinished business.

Back at home, Maxie takes the lead in promoting everyone in Port Charles to share their stories and memories of Bobbie.

Carly dedicates a tribute to her mother and really it’s the least she can do but it’s good to see their relationship come full circle after the way their relationship first started.

Friday, January 12 General Hospital spoilers

There seems to be no hope left for Nikolas and Ava but will revenge against Esme be their determining factor?

How is Spencer going to feel about the return of his father? He would love just as much to get rid of Esme but is he ready to forgive and forget about his father once again lying about his living nature?

There could be trouble on the horizon for Trina and Curtis.

Dex may be putting his skills to the test. Will he need help again?

Robert and Diane may be butting heads yet again what could have them on opposite sides of the rope?

Jason’s return is now inevitable. But what woman could be right for him now…Liz, Carly, much has Jason changed from the time we last saw him?

Nina’s mistakes will also loom large this week, especially where Sonny Corinthos is concerned. The Sonny of old would have sent Nina packing and tossed his wedding ring as far as he could. There are people in Sonny’s corner already cheering for him to get a divorce but is the mob man ready for that?

He still continues to wear his ring and change the subject when Nina is involved. Though he may be in love with another woman(Nina) Sonny will be involved in the funeral and be there for Carly. As annoyed as Carly may make him she’s still family at the end of the day. Bobbie Spencer never truly stood behind Carly’s marriage or life with Sonny but they shared a respect for one another that surpassed all that judgment.

Stay tuned to this week to see how all the drama unfolds and watch that impact of Bobbie Spencer through the years in this devastating week of goodbyes and thanks.

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