General Hospital: Who is the right woman for Jason Morgan?

Sam..Elizabeth..or Carly? Who belongs with Jason Morgan?
GENERAL HOSPITAL - "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Todd Wawrychuk)
GENERAL HOSPITAL - "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Todd Wawrychuk) KELLY MONACO, STEVE BURTON /

ABC’s General Hospital has been slightly revived by the return of Jason Morgan. There has been a push in the ratings, along with many unanswered questions about Sonny’s former henchmen. The pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together this week as to why Jason is back and what his motivations are. Is this a short-lived visit or an extended return for Carly Spencer’s greatest confidant?

It has come to light that Jason Morgan was hired on by (Jagger) John Cates as an FBI informant. His job entailed that he had to go undercover and work for Pikeman as a mercenary. Pikeman are the ones responsible for trying to take down mob boss Sonny Corinthos. Instead, it was Curtis Ashford who was on the receiving end of the bullet.

When Jason Morgan returned weeks ago, he was part of a team that attempted to take Sonny down for the fourth time, but it was Sonny’s son Dante who got in the way of that. Jason wasn’t the man behind the gun, yet he was with the man who was. Even undercover, Jason didn’t have the heart to leave Dante to die. He quickly administered some medical first aid and called the ambulance. But it still didn’t stop the authorities from going after him.

Jason knew he couldn’t continue to put the lives of everyone he loved in danger by harboring him, so he decided to turn himself in and explain the situation to Anna Devane, a familiar face and the new police commissioner. Though I wouldn’t call that an act of a hero, he was simply cleaning up his mess. At the end of the day, Jason doesn’t seem too worried about being back in an inmate uniform. He knows they aren’t going to hold him for long. He’s an asset to the FBI.

Which woman in Jason’s past still holds his heart today?

Let the battle begin. Now that the reason why Jason is back has been answered the bigger and most asked question is who is going to end up with Jason Morgan..again?

Sam McCall is certainly the most logical choice. The JaSam shippers are already back in full force, ready to fight for them. Currently, Sam is in a serious relationship with Dante Falconeri. The man her ex-husband Jason was accused of shooting. Dante is still fighting for his life, and Sam is in shambles between this unexpected feud between her former and current love. However, I think that Dante is a much better fit for Sam and treats her with way more compassion and respect than Jason ever did.

Sam and Jason share Jason’s youngest son Danny together. Danny has already helped aid Jason in his recovery after being shot at on the roof during Sonny’s latest assassination attempt. There wasn’t a lot of love lost between these two. But by the end, Danny grew a heart for his father once he believed he didn’t shoot his present father-figure Dante.

Elizabeth Webber could also be an option. Will General Hospital dive into those deep roots again? Yes, Elizabeth is with Finn presently but let’s face it that is not a love story for the ages. And even if they don’t travel that route, I would love to see Elizabeth given a storyline that she deserves. Not one that is only centered around her next terrible relationship. Liason shippers get ready.

Liz is after all the mother of Jason’s firstborn, Jake. She’s always been there for Jason and maintained a soft spot for him, even when Jason chose the business over being a father. Elizabeth has always been an incredible mother to her boys and never gets the credit she deserves for raising strong young men without much help from their fathers. So many women in today’s society know what that’s like, and I find that character to be a pillar of hope and inspiration for all those struggling mothers out there.

Has the love ever fizzled for Jason and Carly?

And then there was one. Carly Spencer. The saga of Jason and Carly goes back decades, and there are few characters on General Hospital that reach their level of closeness. Before Jason disappeared for the 20th time, he had married his best friend for “professional” circumstances. When Sonny was spending his time in Nixon Falls, Carly took over his business. For some reason, she was trusted or respected enough so they got the bright idea to get married and run things together.

I don’t think it was ever about business, but that was a nice tagline to keep Carly looking crisp and clean once Sonny returned. The two of them were in love and about to make love upon Sonny’s return. Of course, once that happened, Jason quickly let it go. This was all after dropping Britt, a woman he was falling in love with before Carly jumped in the middle.

Now here we are. Carly was the first person Jason turned to when he was running from the police. It comes as no surprise, Carly and Jason always turn to each other in need. Countless fans will see Sonny and Carly as soulmates, but I believe it has been Jason and Carly as the (platonic) soulmate show. It’s possible they will go there again. Especially with Carly’s most recent break up with Drew Cain. I didn’t think they would shove Drew out of the way so fast, but it’s obvious that they are opening the door too.

Is Jason Morgan going to be receptive to another relationship? Is he even going to have a say? Carly just about gets what Carly wants. I, personally, have never seen the romantic connection between these two. After so many years of deep connection and even an intimate friendship, something about the romance always felt off. They have gone there in the past, but friendship to relationship sometimes works on a show and sometimes it doesn’t.

Love may not even be on Jason’s mind at all. Anna had just given him the news that Britt Westbourne had been murdered during his absence. He’s working a dangerous job and if Pikeman learns who Jason really is, everyone in his circle could be on dangerous ground.

Once he’s out of the hole, it would be great to see Jason become a good father for once. He has two teen boys who are at a crucial stage in their life. Jason has his good attributes, but he needs to realize he hasn’t been the best role model. Maybe it’s time to live the life that Monica and Alan always dreamed for him.

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