HBO's The Last of Us wins 2 People's Choice Awards

HBO's The Last of Us received two awards at this year's People's Choice Awards, including for The Drama Show of the Year.
The Last of Us Episode 8
The Last of Us Episode 8 /

It is no secret that The Last of Us shattered expectations for video game adaptations. The HBO show, already filming its second season, achieved the near impossible by recreating a successful video game adaptation of the same name, with a thrilling plot, excellent cast and crew, and a story that felt both familiar and brand new.

This is really telling, considering there are a lot of zombie apocalypse-type television shows out there, including The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and the unsuccessful Netflix show Resident Evil. Perhaps The Last of Us came at the ideal time or perhaps the extreme video game popularity gave it a boost, but there is no denying the positive Rotten Tomatoes score.

Therefore it is no surprise that the show has been nominated for several awards across several award shows. Most recently, they took home two awards from this year's People's Choice Awards.

The awards are as follows:

1. The Drama Show of the Year - The Last of Us

2. The Male TV Star of the Year - Pedro Pascal, The Last of Us

Pedro Pascal wins for The Last of Us at the People's Choice Awards

It seems Pedro Pascal finally got one up on Kieran Culkin in both categories. The two have been in a friendly competition at the start of awards season, with Kieran and in turn, HBO's Succession, taking home a plethora of awards.

The jokes even went as far as Pascal revealing Culkin was the reason his arm was in a sling earlier this year. Other television show winners from the People's Choice Awards included Only Murders in the Building, Loki, and The Bear.

We want to know if you think The Last of Us should have brought home more awards, who you think got snubbed, and what your predictions are for The Last of Us season 2. Check out the full list of People's Choice Awards winners here.