Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons season 7, episode 4 recap: "Solomon Islands: God's Own Prison"

In this episode of Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons, host Raphael Rowe investigates the correctional system at the Rove Correctional Center in the Solomon Islands.
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In season 7, episode 4 of Netflix's Inside the World's Toughest Prisons, Raphael Rowe, a man who spent 12 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, now finds himself in the Solomon Islands, exploring the realities of the correctional system at the Rove Correctional Center. The journey unfolds as Rowe delves into the lives of violent sexual offenders, the challenges they face, and the unique aspects of a prison system that claims to prioritize reform over punishment, and religious repentance to restore a sense of innocence.

Rowe undergoes a standard cavity search upon his arrival at the grim and underfunded Echo Wing of the Rove Correctional Center. Despite the dingy conditions, the prison administration emphasizes a focus on reforming criminals, rather than simply punishing them.

The absence of a formal gym raises questions about the facilities available for the inmates, while the predominantly Christian population engages in communal prayer. As so often happens on Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons, Rowe discovers the harsh realities within the prison (though he does witness a volleyball game and generally seems to get along with the inmates).

Programs for prisoners have largely shut down, and mentally ill inmates are held with those undergoing punishment in the segregation unit. The lack of mattresses adds to the discomfort, reflecting the challenges faced by the prisoners (and, to a lesser degree, faced by prison staff in managing the incarcerated population).

The presence of individuals like Frankie, a repeat offender, highlights the complex nature of rehabilitation, as well as what sort of criminals are in the prison.

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Raphael Rowe spends his time getting involved in the prison community. He helps Mustin in the kitchen, a man convicted of accidentally murdering his 10-year-old son during discipline.

The day also sheds light on the struggles faced by individuals like Christopher, imprisoned for avenging his daughter's assault, and introduces the 6 women incarcerated in a comparatively cleaner environment. The stories of these women, including one who killed her grandmother, reflect the diverse reasons individuals find themselves behind bars.

Rowe accompanies a few prisoners to Tetere Farm Prison, where they engage in activities to acquire job skills. The visit introduces Joseph, an inmate aspiring to be a farmer upon release after being convicted of murdering his wife.

The contrast between the freer atmosphere of Tetere Farm Prison, where good behavior is rewarded, and the harsh conditions at Rive Correctional Center, becomes evident.

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In a conversation with Commander Needy, the female prison director, Rowe addresses the issues of uncleanliness and bad conditions in the prison. He emphasizes the need for improvements, acknowledging that change depends on both government and church resources.

Rowe's exploration of the Solomon Islands' correctional system provides a glimpse into the challenges faced by inmates and the efforts made toward rehabilitation. (This is not covered in the episode, but the Solomon Islands may receive more international and media scrutiny as China's presence in the region seems to be increasing.)

The stories of those behind bars, the emphasis on religion, and the stark contrast between prison environments raise questions about the effectiveness of the current system and the need for comprehensive reforms. Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons continues to provide a relatively guilt-free way to view the lives of prisoners, and Rowe always seems to do his best to provide detailed, fair, and honest assessments of these punishing places.

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