Interview With the Vampire season 2 episode 6 recap and review: Claudia's no longer alone

We get back to the Theatres des Vampires in this week's episode of Interview With the Vampire season 2.
Jacob Anderson as Louis De Point Du Lac - Interview with the Vampire _ Season 2, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Larry Horricks/AMC
Jacob Anderson as Louis De Point Du Lac - Interview with the Vampire _ Season 2, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Larry Horricks/AMC /

Tensions are high after last week's episode of Interview With the Vampire season 2, which saw Louis and Daniel uncover a piece of their past they didn't see coming. This week, in episode 6, "Like The Light By Which God Made The World Before He Had Made Light," we get more flashbacks from Paris as Louis tries to grapple with what he now knows.

After episode 5, this week's episode feels a bit slower in pace — but maybe that's what we need. That said, it ends with a major cliffhanger as Louis and Claudia are about to be confronted by their maker. Yes, really, this time! Or at least, I think. Let's get into all the biggest moments of Interview With the Vampire season 2 episode 6. We're almost to the finale now!

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Interview With the Vampire season 2 episode 6 below.

This week's episode begins with Daniel as he's out to eat at a restaurant in Dubai. This time, he's chaperoned by Rashid, and, of course, he tries to push his buttons. Raglan approaches Daniel with a proposal, saying the company he works for wants to give him questions to ask Louis and Armand. Daniel seems very scared of the vampires and wants some sort of security. But Raglan tells him they can't save him from being killed.

Santiago and Armand are still at odds

Louis and Armand continue their interview with Daniel, and we get flashbacks of Paris. In the scenes, Armand and Santiago's relationship is strained, understandably. Armand watches from the audience as his children rehearse a new play, though he doesn't realize one mistake he makes by keeping Santiago on stage. The play they write has no roles for women, meaning the female vampires are able to roam around the city unwatched. Two of the women vampires actually go searching for answers, visiting Lestat's attorney and asking when he spoke with him last.

Ben Daniels as Santiago - Interview with the Vampire _ Season 2, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Larry Horricks/AMC /

Lestat's attorney won't give them any answers, so they mind-control him to find out. As Santiago listens telepathically, they learn that he hasn't spoken to Lestat since February 1940 when he was in New Orleans. Daniel interrupts the interview, expressing his confusion over how Armand could be so blind to what was going on. Armand responds by simply saying he was in love.

This episode takes a big focus on Madeleine, Claudia's dressmaker friend who Armand forbid her to see. One night, Madeleine sees a group of people painting another swastica on her shop window, and this time, she's had enough. She throws an iron at them, which breaks the window, allowing the group — two men and one woman — to come right in. The men attack Madeleine and bring her to the back room where there's a bed, nearly assaulting her. Suddenly, a force rolls through the shop and all three intruders are dead. Of course, it's Claudia, who comes just at the right time to save Madeleine.

Claudia reveals herself to Madeleine

Madeleine watches as Claudia feeds on one of the men, and Claudia tells her not to run. She needs to clean everything up quickly or else Madeleine could be in trouble. Madeleine is clearly very shocked, but she listens. After the cleanup, Madeleine comes to Claudia and Louis' apartment and they talk about vampirism. Madeleine is very curious and continues to ask questions, but they're interrupted by Louis when he gets home. Furious with Claudia, he listens as the two women explain what happened. Louis asks if their relationship is romantic, and while Claudia responds "No," Madeleine says "Not yet."

Claudia has a proposition for Louis. She wants a companion just like Louis has had more than once. She explains that she's tired of being a third, and while Louis is empathetic to her feelings, he reminds her that he's never made a vampire and doesn't know how. Claudia says she doesn't want Madeleine to have Lestat's blood anyway, so that leaves them one option: Armand.

Roxane Duran as Madeleine - Interview with the Vampire _ Season 2, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Larry Horricks/AMC /

Louis explains to Armand why he should turn Madeleine into a vampire: Claudia will be happier and they won't have to worry about Claudia being a burden on Louis. Armand insists that Claudia is a manipulator but Louis denies it. He truly thinks this is a good idea for her. When Louis and Claudia are alone, she brings up the "burden" comment, looking for an explanation. Louis tells her he said it to try and convince Armand, and that it doesn't matter if it's true or not. Meanwhile, Armand talks to Madeleine about being a vampire and tests her on how she would handle different scenarios. Madeleine believes she might be what Claudia needs to survive.

In the end, however, Armand refuses to turn Madeleine. In the current timeline, Louis explains to Daniel that it's because Armand has never made a vampire, which shocks Daniel.

Louis turns Madeleine into a vampire

Claudia's not going to take no for an answer, though. Louis agrees to turn Madeleine, and the experience is definitely a brand-new one for all three involved. Both Louis and Claudia feed on Madeleine and get to see her memories, both good and bad. Louis realizes she would be a better companion to Claudia than he ever would be.

Armand comes over later and Louis tells him what happened: Madeleine is now a vampire and he instructed the two women to get out of town. Now that it's all said and done, however, Louis seems conflicted with what he did. He then notices a suitcase Armand brought inside and asks what's going on. Armand breaks the news that he's left the coven, explaining that "they gave him a choice" and he "chose" — seemingly meaning he chose Louis. In the current timeline, Louis second-guesses if that's what Armand actually said, telling Armand that it's his memory of what happened, but maybe it's not the truth. This passive-aggressiveness finally makes Armand realize that Louis and Daniel know what happened in San Francisco.

Assad Zaman as Armand - Interview with the Vampire _ Season 2, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Larry Horricks/AMC /

Armand understands that Louis is angry he erased his memory, but he assures him that he asked him to do it. Daniel doesn't believe it, and Louis seems skeptical. But Armand double-downs, saying he's only failed Louis once and has been spending his life trying to make up for it. Armand apologizes to Daniel and says he was a coward, but maintains that Louis asked him to erase the memory.

Armand betrays Louis

So how did Armand fail Louis, then? We're about to find out. In the flashbacks, we see a surprisingly happy scene between Armand, Louis, Claudia, and Madeleine. They've left Paris and have begun a life together, and everyone seems, surprisingly, content. Too content, right? Right. Armand walks over to the door of the restaurant and looks out to the street, clearly concerned. Santiago then shows up and Armand allows the coven to capture Louis, Claudia, and Madeleine, with Louis in the current timeline telling Daniel: "They gave him a choice; he chose."

The final scene of this week's episode sees Santiago leading a new play at the theater, with Louis, Claudia, and Madeleine all tied up on stage. They're on trial for their misdoings, and guess what other bombshell we find out? Lestat is backstage, ready to see Claudia and Louis go on trial for his murder. Ooh, boy! This is about to get so messy and I am ready for it.

Interview With the Vampire season 2 episode 6 starts to lull a bit, but pulls you back just when you need it with the ending. There are only two episodes of the sophomore season left, and I'm sure they're going to be eventful! New episodes air every Sunday on AMC and stream on AMC+.

"Like The Light By Which God Made The World Before He Had Made Light". B. Interview With the Vampire season 2 episode 6 continues to cover the Paris storyline, though I can't help but feel a little bored of it at this point — that is, until the end of the episode.. . "Like The Light By Which God Made The World Before He Had Made Light"