Is Amazon Freevee's The GOAT worth watching?

A brand new Reality TV series hosted by Daniel Tosh, The Goat, is arriving on Prime Video. We share all the details, including whether it's worth checking out.
The Goat
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The Reality TV land has seen many shows blending stars across several shows to compete against one another. From The Traitors to Perfect Match to House of Villians. Prime Video is getting into the equation by trying to find out who The Goat of the Reality TV world is with their latest competition series. Is the show worth checking out? I share what you can expect from the show and whether you should watch it. 

What is The Goat about? 

14 Reality TV superstars from a wide range of shows including The Bachelor, Perfect Match, Love is Blind, and The Real Housewives of New York City, enter GOAT Manor to face one another in 20 challenges where they will earn and break one another's trust to battle it out for $200k and the title of Greatest of All Time. The first three episodes of The Goat dropped on May 9th with the series shifting to a weekly format leading to the finale on June 27.

Now, let's meet the cast Here's who you'll see star on The Goat and where you have seen them before. We also share the trailer, below.

  • Tayshia Adams (The Bachelor) 
  • Joe Amabile (The Bachelor)
  • Kristen Doute (Vanderpump Rules)
  • Reza Farahan (Shahs of Sunset)
  • CJ Franco (FBoy Island)
  • Wendell Holland (Survivor)
  • Teck Holmes (The Real World, The Challenge)
  • Justin Johnson/Alyssa Edwards (RuPaul's Drag Race)
  • Paola Mayfield (90 Day Fiance)
  • Da'Vonne Rogers (Big Brother, The Challenge) 
  • Joey Sasso (The Circle, Perfect Match)
  • Jason Smith (Holiday Baking Championship)
  •  Lauren Speed-Hamilton (Love Is Blind) 
  • Jill Zarin (The Real Housewives of New York City)

In this show's first three episodes, there is plenty of backstabbing, fun challenges, and hilarious one-liners. I wasn't sure what to expect when watching the series, but I found myself enjoying everything that was happening. 

First, you have competitions based on reality TV shows. So, the unique creativity of the show's creators to add this touch was brilliant. You must give the production team tons of credit for bringing these to life. Next, you have a strong, wide range of cast members with dominant personalities that make for serious drama. 

On one side, we had some people there to have a good time while Da'Vonne Rogers, who comes from a reality TV competition like Big Brother, upset others with how she played the game. Rogers did something you rarely see and rallied some people to THROW a competition to eliminate someone. Of course, it backfired, but I can't be mad at Rogers for playing the game, especially with 100k at stake. Rogers alone is worth watching this show. 

Overall, The GOAT will be another hit in the reality TV world. Last year, House of Villians found success, but for me, The Goat raises the bar for mixing reality TV personalities and adding fun, unique games to make things fun. I can easily see the series becoming the talk of social media throughout the summer as we inch closer to the finale and crown our first GOAT. 

Here's who I think will win The Goat (spoilers ahead)

Spoiler alert! If you are not caught up on the first episodes of The Goat please note there are spoilers below.

Joey Sasso, Tayshia Adams, and Lauren Speed-Hamilton were eliminated in the first three episodes. It will be a long uphill battle to see if Da'Vonne Rogers can fend off people chasing to eliminate her after the games she played, and because of that, I don't see her winning. So, I will throw out two names that could win. First, CJ Franco, people are underestimating her on the show, and she has already made two significant moves early on. The other is Joe Amabile, who flew under the radar quite a bit and had the chance to sneak his way to victory. 

The Goat first three episodes are available on Prime Video now.

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