Is The Weakest Link streaming on Peacock? (Where to watch all seasons)

Want to watch new and old episodes of Weakest Link? Here's where to stream!
WEAKEST LINK -- Pictured: "Weakest Link" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal)
WEAKEST LINK -- Pictured: "Weakest Link" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal) /

These days, the world of entertainment is ruled by streaming services -- and we're not complaining! One of the things we love about having so many platform options is the convenience. If we are not able to tune in to catch our favorite show when it airs on its network, we have the option to stream it online at a later time. And this is how many audiences discover comfort TV, such as the game show Weakest Link.

Comfort TV are shows that don't need you to follow them closely. These can play in the background while you carry on with a task. There's no drama, no plot to follow next week. Nada. I know I have learned about several of my now favorite comfort shows. Or, perhaps, you are already a big fan of a series that airs on cable TV, but can't tune in when new episodes drop due to work or another obligation. It's all good, because you can catch it on streaming.

I remember watching The Weakest Link, hosted by Anne Robinson at the time, when we were kids. The first season aired in 2000 on BBC Two, but eventually became available in the US. The game features a group of contestants who take turns answering trivia. The questions get more complicated as you advance. Tensions rise as players begin to eliminate others from the game until there are two players left who compete for a cash prize.

A revival with five-time Emmy winner Jane Lynch as the new host premiered in the year 2020 and has aired for three seasons. It has not been announced if Weakest Link will return for a fourth season. As soon as we have more details on this, we'll be sure to update you all! Would you like to see Weakest Link return for another season? It may not have the strongest ratings, but streaming services are also great at helping new audiences discover a new show.

Where to watch

In the meantime, you can stream season three on Peacock and other seasons are available on Hulu. As for older seasons, such as the original first seasons with host Anne Robinson, they are unfortunately not available at one streamer. Instead, they seem to be scattered. Some seasons are available on YouTube and others on Roku. Fingers crossed all seasons eventually end up on either Peacock or Hulu for our viewing pleasure!

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