Juliette is walking outside of the Silo in season 2 first-look photos (See them now!)

We last saw Juliette step out of the silo and head to the tree. The first-look season 2 photos make it clear that she will get much further outside.
Silo season 2 on Apple TV+
Silo season 2 on Apple TV+ /

There are a lot of questions about Silo season 2. Apple TV+ has given us a first-look at the story, and it involves some time outside and Bernard taking back control.

The first season brought us the questions of whether life outside the silo is really as desolate and destroyed as the footage on the screens looks. We get the view of a potential brighter, pretty world through when people go outside to “clean.”

Holsten even takes his helmet off to see the world of beauty outside. There’s a sudden look of shock on his face as he realizes the truth, but we don’t know what that truth is. All we see is what others see: Holsten ends up dying where his wife died before reaching the tree.

At the end of the season, Juliette is sent outside to clean. Fortunately, she’s seen the footage that is displayed in the visor. As she realizes that this is the faked view of the world, she doesn’t take her helmet off. She also refuses to clean, and she’s able to get to the tree and over the hill.

Juliette is walking outside in the Silo season 2 first-look photos

There are four first-look photos out for Silo season 2, and two of them give us a look at Juliette outside. She is now too far away from her silo for any footage to show, which means she should be able to see the real world outside. She’ll need to deal with the reality of this dystopian future.

We can see that it’s a wasteland still. We did see that there are other silos, though, so there’s a chance that Juliette will be able to find somewhere to go. After all, she’ll only have a certain amount of oxygen in her suit. She’ll need to go somewhere to get oxygen, food, and water if she wants to survive.

Silo season 2 on Apple TV+ /

What will she find when she gets into a silo? We can turn to the books by Hugh Howey for this. Silo season 1 is based on half of Wool, the first book in the trilogy. The second half of the book covers where Juliette goes, and she comes across Silo 17, which only has one survivor.

Bernard needs to take control of the situation

It was clear at the end of the first season that Bernard knew Juliette had seen more than she should. With Juliette knowing something about the outside world, it threatens the existence of everyone. Bernard now needs to take control of this situation.

In a teaser for multiple shows coming to Apple TV+, we get a clip of Bernard addressing the people of the silo. He shares that people will get to live outside. However, Bernard should know that the vision on the visors is just a fake. The world is still a wasteland out there.

He could use the promise of getting outside as a way to deal with Juliette. He’ll know that she’ll want to come back inside, and he’ll know that Juliette’s friends will encourage an attack within the silo. He’ll need to get people to think that Juliette is the enemy to prevent a war within the silo. After all, a war within the silo could mean much more for everyone involved—and not just Bernard.

Silo season 2 on Apple TV+ /

Sims may delve into the truth in Silo season 2

Common’s Robert Sims is in the last photo from the first-look set for the season. This is a character not in the books. At least, not in the way he has become in the TV series, which opens up a lot of potential.

At the end of the first season, we knew that Sims had no idea what was beyond the tree. He was expecting to see everything that others have done before. As Bernard panicked, Sims watched closely. Sims is a smart man, and he’ll want to get to the truth of the entire situation.

Is it possible that Sims will start following Bernard more carefully? Could he end up working with Juliette’s friends to learn what is really going on, considering it’s clear that the tape from Supply is faulty and Engineering has the best tape.

Silo season 2 on Apple TV+ /

This storyline is the hardest to predict, but one thing I can say is that Sims will be angry when he learns Bernard has lied about a lot. That has to come back on Bernard, but Sims will need to protect the silo as a whole first.

There’s still no word on when Silo season 2 will premiere, but we’re looking at either the end of this year or the start of next year. With some teases already, fall 2024 does make a lot of sense.

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