Netflix's Inside Job season 1, episode 3 recap: "Blue Bloods"

Episode 3 of Netflix's Inside Job delves into conspiracies about reptilian rulers and the politics of hugging.
INSIDE JOB, Part 1 - LIZZY CAPLAN as REAGAN RIDLEY in episode 3, part 1 of INSIDE JOB. Credit: Courtesy of NETFLIX / ©NETFLIX 2021
INSIDE JOB, Part 1 - LIZZY CAPLAN as REAGAN RIDLEY in episode 3, part 1 of INSIDE JOB. Credit: Courtesy of NETFLIX / ©NETFLIX 2021 /

For the fun of it, let's look back at episode 3 of season 1 of Netflix's Inside Job. In the bustling world of corporate intrigue, scandal, and unexpected alliances, the tale of Reagan Ridley (Lizzy Caplan) unfolds as her unconventional journey takes center stage. Reagan finds herself entangled in a web of family drama, workplace chaos, and a reptilian conspiracy that shakes the foundations of her reality.

It all begins with Tamiko Ridley (Suzy Nakamura) deciding to divorce Reagan's father, Randy (Christian Slater), setting the stage for a tell-all smut novel that exposes the intricacies of their failed marriage. As Reagan's father harbors a collection of old inventions, one stands out – the "Productivitron," robot arms designed to enhance productivity. However, the introduction of the Productivitron triggers a PR disaster at Cognito, Inc., Reagan's workplace. A misguided offensive joke about Reptoids, a fictional reptilian species, made by the main boss initiates a chain of events that will forever change Reagan's life.

Reptoid sensitivity training becomes mandatory, with the unexpected presence of Mr. Mothman (Ron Funches) as the inhuman resources speaker. The training includes peculiar offerings of crickets, mice, or voles to appease the reptilian colleagues. Nonsexual hugs become the norm, with Brett Hand (Clark Duke) hilariously donning a reptoid costume for demonstration purposes.

The un-huggable revolution: Reagan Ridley's robot arms scandal

Amidst the chaos on Inside Job, Reagan's rebellious nature takes center stage as she opts to punch Brett instead of embracing him. This singular act leads Cognito, Inc. on an unexpected journey to the reptoid headquarters, where shocking revelations unfold. Anderson Cooper, Taylor Swift (Grey Griffin), Paul Rudd, and even Al Gore (Josh Robert Thompson) and Mark Zuckerberg are revealed to be reptoids plotting to overthrow humanity and assume control of the world. The once-unthinkable idea becomes more plausible as propaganda normalizes reptiles, exemplified by the Geico Gecko.

The plot thickens as Brett is disrespected by his reptoid frat buddies, exposing a hidden layer of deception. Reagan, armed with her robot arms, inadvertently tears off the arms of Zarthax (Kevin Michael Richardson), a key reptoid leader, during a misguided attempt at a hug. Cognito, Inc. faces expulsion from the reptoid headquarters, leading to an unexpected turn of events in the legal realm. Judge Judy, the reptoid judge, presides over the case against Reagan for tearing off Zarthax's reptilian arms.

Unconventional solution

Reagan's father takes the stand, revealing the unusual cause of Reagan's inability to hug – the invention of Bear-O, a hugging robot from her childhood. The court's verdict is a surprising one – Reagan's punishment is a group hug with the reptoids. However, the seemingly innocent gesture quickly transforms into a reptoid orgy, marking a bizarre resolution to the scandalous affair.

In a twist of fate, Reagan decides to gift her robot arms to Zarthax, bringing an unexpected peace to the tumultuous world of reptilian conspiracies and workplace chaos. It's the sort of thing one might come to expect from Inside Job (which has unfortunately been canceled, at least for the time being, as even Netflix has revived shows in the past).

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