Schmigadoon canceled after two seasons

Schmigadoon, the musical parody series on Apple TV+ has been canceled.
Schmigadoon! Image courtesy Apple TV+
Schmigadoon! Image courtesy Apple TV+ /

It looks like there won't be a third magical land where life is a musical every day. It was announced that Apple is canceling Schmigadoon after two seasons

Schmigadoon was a musical comedy where Josh and Melissa (played by Keegan-Michael Key and Cecily Strong) get lost on a camping trip and end up stumbling into a land called Schmigadoon where life is a musical, and everyone in town dances and sings. They're trapped in Schmigadoon until they can find "true love." The series was a blend of homage and parody, drawing inspiration from classic musicals down to the show's concept and title which are references to the musical Brigadoon. 

The series was a critical hit for the streaming service and even won an Emmy for Outstanding Music and Lyrics, resulting in Apple TV+ ordering a second season. For the second season, the series took an interesting turn, with the characters once again getting lost, this time finding themselves in the seedy city of Schmicago. The second season featured the same cast playing largely new roles, in a setting that served as a sendup of the darker, gritty musicals that became popular throughout the 70s and 80s. 

The cancellation comes after the third series for the show has already been written, including twenty-five new songs according to the show's co-creator, Cinco Paul, who discussed the series cancelation in a social media post. While it was never officially confirmed, it's been assumed that the third season would have continued to move forward through musical history, with a setting and plot that would reference the era of musicals after the 1980s. 

At the end of his social media post, Paul thanked the series fans for their support over the past two seasons and referenced a possibility that Schmigadoon may continue in some form in the future saying, "To all the fans of the show out there - thank you with all of my heart. Your love and support has meant so much, and the fact that you connected with our show, that it brought you some joy, means the world to me. This was tough news to get, but the optimist in me is convinced it’s not the end of Schmigadoon... and maybe it’s even a happy beginning."

While there are no future plans for a third season of Schmigadoon, the first two seasons are still available to watch on Apple TV+ and the songs are still available on Spotify for when they get stuck in your head, which many of them will do.