The 5 best anime to watch on Netflix

One Piece. Image courtesy Crunchyroll
One Piece. Image courtesy Crunchyroll /

From the adventurous to the romantic and the power of friendship, anime and anime films have told unforgettable stories for nearly every genre. Believe it or not there is always something for someone and today we're going to talk about 5 of the best anime to watch on Netflix.

Will your favorite anime make our list? Let's find out!

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Memories Ep 1 Still 6
My Hero Academia /

We begin our list with the anime that's been on everyone's lips, My Hero Academia. Thus far there are 7 seasons available to watch however only four are currently available on Netflix.

Don't be fooled by the bright colors, charismatic characters, and popularity, this is not an anime to watch with the kids. Rated TV-MA for nudity, violence, and cursing, the anime follows Izuku who dreams of becoming a hero.

In a world where heroes and villains exist, as well as powers or Quirks, Izuku becomes the successor of All Might and receives his powers. But that doesn't stop more villains from arriving and several battles ensue.

If you love the superhero genre this may be something to add to your watch list.

Mary and the Witch's Flower

Kate Winslet, Jim Broadbent, and Ruby Barnhill are amongst the talented English cast of the anime film Mary and the Witch's Flower. Released in 2017, a story about friendship, love, and the power of believing in oneself, will be a treat for both young and old.

When our main character Mary accidentally discovers that witches are real, uncovering their plan to seek special flowers with magical properties, it's up to her to not only prevent the witches from obtaining the flowers but to save her friend Peter as well. Little does Mary know that she has had magical properties herself all along.

Who knew her aunt's northern English country estate would be anything but boring for a little red-haired girl? Gather the family and enjoy Mary and the Witch's Flower together on a rainy summer day.

One Piece

One Piece - Photo Credits: Crunchyroll
One Piece - Photo Credits: Crunchyroll /

Before the successful live-action adaptation arrived on the streaming platform, One Piece thrived as both a manga and anime series. The story follows our main character Monkey D. Luffy or Luffy, with dreams of becoming a pirate.

Lucky for him his dreams might come true as years later "King of the Pirates" is up for grabs. Obtaining his own ship and crew, Luffy and his friends go on several adventures and fight various bad guys in this ongoing story already 20 seasons long!

After you finish watching the anime check out the live-action version or you can read our recaps here. Wacky, entertaining, and imaginative, One Piece is rated TV-14.


More likely than not, even if you've never watched a single episode of an anime before, you've heard of InuYasha. Considered one of the most popular animes, its charm and appeal are some of its many qualities, enabling the story to hold up time and time again.

What begins as a tragic love story transforms into an adventure that will not only reunite a past love but save the world from the likes of terrible demons who seek the Shikon Jewel. Is there romance, yes.

Is there action, also yes. Is there a happy ending?

You'll have to watch and find out! Past and present collide in a tale of humans, demons, and half-demons.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files

Like One Piece, Yu Yu Hakusho recently had a live-action adaptation released in the form of a five episode season. In reality, the anime is 4 seasons long, with a total of 112 episodes.

The story of how teenage delinquent Yusuke, who dies saving a little boy and comes back with the ability to see and interact with the Spirit World, is so much more than your run-of-the-mill, paranormal show. Tasked with several cases, often protecting the Human World from demons and unsavory creatures of the Spirit World, Yusuke meets and makes new friends while taking on responsibilities that could affect the fate of the world.

Action-packed, thrilling, and often humorous, Yu Yu Hakusho is different than most animes in that it's refreshing and well ahead of its time. Don't forget to watch the live-action adaptation or you can read our recaps here.

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